Saturday, February 13, 2010

Unmitigated Gall Spotlight: NDPer Libby Davies

Still in denial as to reality (what else is new about those hardcore leftists who like to delude themselves that they're doing something "righteous" when, in fact, they're actually being harmful, hurtful, and endangering people?), NDPer Libby Davies wants the PMO to apologize for criticising her support for terrorists who endangered the lives of a hundred people just to "show support for" a free druggie shoot-up facitliy.

The one who needs to apologize, and to turn her back upon the terrorists she supported, is Libby Davies.

Continuing to lie isn't going to work.  We're wise to your Hard-Left tactics, Libby.

Background here.

Saul Alinsky, unfortunately, can't help you now.

The best way out is to accept the truth, and apologize, not to dig in and continue with one's public delusionality.  Honest repentance leads to forgiveness and allows people to move on from the pile of crap they've gotten themselves into.

So, Libby, just say you're sorry for supporting people who deliberately endangered the lives of a hundred people... in the name of pro-drug-abuse radicalism.

Insite will NOT help the drug addicts.  Getting them OFF the drugs is what will help them.

Insite just keeps them a LITTLE bit "safer" whilst they ruin their brains, bodies and lives.

But it's NOT the answer.  NOT at all.  It's just encouraging the drug abuse by making it free and easy.  Sorry, but this will NOT "help", really, not much at all, beyond making it a little more pleasant and, theoretically, in a way or two, "safer".  NOT good enough... got to go much further (detox and rehab... get people off the drugs and away from the destructive lifestyle, period!).

Get real.  Being messed up on drugs all the time is actually personally destructive, period.

To help the poor, addicted folks, the best solution is detoxification and rehabilitation.

Better to be a "recovering addict" than to be an "addict".

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