Friday, February 12, 2010

O'Reilly, Beck Self-Contradict On Obama Eligibility Issue

Joseph Farah of World Net Daily takes Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly to task for obviously not knowing what they're talking about on the Obama Eligibility issue.

Beck and O'Reilly, like Ann Coulter... they, to me, are apparently confused as to the actual facts in evidence (and not in evidence) regarding the whole issue, which I hope is the reason for their confusion and belief that, surely, of course, Obama must have proven that he was born in America, no doubt.  Of course, a belief that Obama has... is nothing more than a belief.

When one doesn't really have a handle on the facts and believes one has facts that may not actually be facts (but rather rumor), then one may end up possessing an incorrect belief as to the truth.  Or maybe one just finds it all so confusing (really, it isn't, if one focusses on the real, germane questions only) that one would rather just go along with the crowd and believe what most others seem to believe.  Of course, that's so... leftist, and would be quite unbecoming folks who are supposed to not be leftists.

For me, I'm with Joseph Farah.  He's got the facts in evidence, knows what facts remain not in evidence which need to be, and is the most analytical, rational, logical, and clear-headed.

And I've been following it as he's been following it.  I know what he knows.  It doesn't seem that Beck, O'Reilly and Coulter, and many, many others, are similarly appraised of the same facts.

Read it all, of course, but in a nutshell (um, no pun intended, honest!):
O'Reilly can't keep his story straight – and neither can Beck.

Do you see my problem here?

These guys are ridiculing you and me for demanding to see the one and only document that could even begin to prove Obama's constitutional eligibility. And, they both admit, in rare moments of candor, that he hasn't. They believe he is deliberately holding it back – as do I. But they believe he's doing it because it somehow distracts attention from all the evil things he's doing in Washington. While I believe he's doing it because he has something to hide.

Why am I nuts and they think they're sane?
Nobody's perfect.  We're all merely human.  We screw stuff up, make mistakes, errors in judgement, of course.  But Beck, O'Reilly, Coulter and many others owe it to themselves and to those who have so far been following them with great respect, to do their homework... better this time.

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