Wednesday, February 17, 2010

US School Text In Use 'Glorifies' Hard-Left Extremists

 Bet you can't find any conservatives featured in this textbook.

Well, this doesn't surprise me. 

It's consistent with what's up with the Hard Left and its revolutionary agenda to brainwash new generations with ever-more socialist-radical propaganda.

The title suggests that the glorified leftists within "told the truth".   Well, this makes me chuckle, as it reminds me of Al Gore, who we know, if we're not disconnected from reality, has been telling us inconvenient lies about how we're supposedly destroying the world by using energy... just lies, period.

Amongst those glorified are some of the most reviled-by-the-mainstream figures...

Like, for example, Cindy Sheehan.  Like Noam Chomsky.  Like Van Jones.  All Hard-Left extremists of the most lunatic sort.  And dangerous.

Regular readers of this blog know that these folks are anti-American, subversive lunatic extremists who spread big lies and hate.

But know what?  The textbook whitewashes the extremism away and simply paints them in glorious light.

It's pure propaganda from the Hard-Left, from the Neo-Communist movement.  Pure, unadulterated propganda.

It's hard to believe this is being presented as "true information" and being indoctrinated into the impressionable minds of high-school students in America.

No wonder there's so many brainwashed-with-big-lies morons walking around, like these, like these, and, here's the classic... like these.

Claiming that one "tells the truth" doesn't mean one is.

But making kids read from textbooks and be tested on the material contained within, well, if the textbooks are claimed to contain true information when they don't, or when they whitewash or omit information that is critically important to the complete picture and to proper understanding, then the kids will believe that it is the truth, and will become brainwashed, frequently permanently.

This, ie., fraudulent educational materials such as propaganda textbooks, is one method of the genesis of Leftist Mental Disorder.  And one of the many tactics the Hard Left/Neo-Communist movement employs in its war against freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights, whilst disingenuously pretending to stand up for them.

It's also how the "Palestinians" became a society of murderous haters of Jews and of Israel... because they were told big lies about Jews and Israel.  Oh, and, of course, they were also told big lies about America, just like American schoolchildren are being told, as we speak.

And mark my words, the Obamacrats are pushing this more and more and more.  Daily readers of this blog and readers of new newsmedia sites such as World Net Daily, FOX News, Drudge Report, CNS News, Newsmax, Breitbart's "Big" sites, etc... know this.


Balbulican said...

"Bet you can't find any conservatives featured in this textbook."

Really? What about the Republican President Abraham Lincoln? What about Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower, former General, whose Vice President was Richard Nixon?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Are they in the book?

Mack said...

Only half the American people bother to vote in presidential elections; state elections and school board elections are so thinly attended that an extended family can determine the vote.

I suppose everyone else is too busy glorifying pseudo-conservative alcoholics and drug-shoppers to bother taking charge of their own lives and VOTING.

Mack said...

Disruptive trolls -- I used to date one.

Balbulican said...

"Are they in the book?"

Uhh...yes, they are. Your source article links to the curriculum. You mean you made that remark without even looking??


You know, you'd save yourself a lot of embarrassment if you actually read the links you post, you poor guy.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Two things, you poor guy:

I did read the link I posted. The whole thing. I just didn't look at the curriculum one within it- missed it, must've had a distraction- had pasta a-cookin, and, besides, I didn't post THAT particular link, myself, sooo...

And I didn't say that there weren't any conservatives in the book.

But it's moot- not the core issue here- which is that it's a pisspoor textbook that glorifies some nasty Hard-Leftwingnutcase players in America, without informing the kids fully about them, ie. the bad as well as the (supposed) good stuff. And, obviously, though not to folks like yourself, the bad stuff is important.

Besides, the caption under the pic was designed to get you to do something besides just pick your nose or whatever. I succeeded. Hee-hee!

Here we go again with the "get the righty blogger"... See? You're a troll. Poor guy; I'll pray for you.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And I think you're a little old to be acting as if you're still in elementary school!

Balbulican said...

Quote One: ""Bet you can't find any conservatives featured in this textbook."

Quote Two:"And I didn't say that there weren't any conservatives in the book."

Quote Three:"And I think you're a little old to be acting as if you're still in elementary school!"

That's why we love ya, Scenty. A guy who can't understand or acknowledge his own errors, with a serious poop and pee fetish, lecturing others about their mental age...

You crack me up.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Not impressed with your infantile, Kinsellian smears, my dear Proggy opponent.

Do it again, you're zapped into cyberspace.

Balbulican said...

Of course. Censorship, the last refuge of every intellectual and moral coward.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Yeah. Just like the Obamacrats!

Balbulican said...

No, son. Like you.

Canadian Sentinel said...


No, son. Like you.

Blah, blah, blahbulican...

Balbulican said...

Heh. "I think you're a little old to be acting as if you're still in elementary school!"

You made a stupid and mistaken statement. When your error was pointed out, you tried to bluster your way out of it. You just made yourself look sillier.

When you get caught in a lie or an error, try admitting it like a man.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Get real, man. Neither of us was being serious. I know it... and even you know it.


Nice attempt to mess with my head, though. Suggest, however, that you give up and move on to prey you can actually bag.