Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dresden Neo-Nazis Routed By Superior Numbers Of Anti-Nazis

Story here.

10,000 anti-Nazis march against 5,000 neo-Nazis.   2-to-1.  Apparently a lot of folks have learned from History and will never again let those bastards rise.

Victory against the evil ones again.  Good.  The brainless bastards can go home and fuggeddaboutit.

A couple of things, though...

The Nazis, being socialists, not free-market capitalists, weren't "right-wing", and I doubt that the contemporary neo-Nazis are, either.

It's a myth that Nazis are "right-wing".  Why?  Because the Third Reich Nazi regime was as socialist as socialist gets.  They were as socialist as Stalinist USSR, and even had a mutual non-aggression pact.  The only reason why they warred against one another is because Hitler wanted all of Poland for Germany and reneged on his pledge to let the USSR have the eastern half, when both sides invaded that country.

Also, the Nazis were national socialist, whereas the Soviets were international socialists, and that's the essence of the difference, period.  Nothing "right wing" about either, as they were both left-wing/socialist, and mass-murderously so.

That said, hey, this superior-in-numbers routing of those neo-Nazis gives me an idea.

The People can have superior-in-numbers counter-demonstrations to successfully rout the Islamic Supremacists whenever and wherever they march, too.  After all, the Islamic Supremacists themselves are also neo-Nazis, as their forebears during WWII and the Holocaust (which was actually, it's recently been revealed, more the design of the Islamist Grand Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini, a very close ally of Hitler... and an uncle of PLO guy Yasser Arafat, himself a socialist and a stooge of the KGB) were themselves Nazis.  Educational video here.  Plus here, too.


Júlio Lins said...

Hello, "Canadian Sentinel"!

I am talking from Brazil and I want to hear from you. Are you hearing what is happening to Europe (islamic immigration)? In Canada, do you receive many muslim immigrants? Do you receive millions muslim immigrants a year like the european countries? Do you fear immigration? What do the canadian people think about muslim immigration and overall immigration? Is Islam rising exponencially in Canada?

One Hamas leader said Islam will conquer Rome (mass immigration and high fertility rates) and then they will go to conquer the two americas. Scaring, no???

Answer me please!

Canadian Sentinel said...

Islamization is occuring everywhere where it's being allowed by the state apparatus. Ie. in the Free World.

In the tyrannical world, however, it's either a case of the state being tyrannically Islamic or being non-Islamically tyrannical and strictly not allowing Islamization to take root (ie. Russia and China aren't allowing Islamization to happen).

Yes, it's happening here in Canada, and in America, as well as in Europe. Mass international migration and mean-spiritedly using Muslim women as rights-deprived baby factories, etc... It's about spreading Islam by spreading the Islamic population so as to eventually become the majority, and then take over democratically, only to take away everything we now take for granted. It's a lot like Nazism.

Our constitutions and liberties are being misused for the purpose of slowly changing our societies in ways that will eventually deprive us of the liberties we take for granted.

The Islamic Supremacists do indeed have a plan and are following it, with great patience, to eventually take over the levers of power in the Free World and impose Islam as the way of life, as the state...

And it will eventually happen, unless we oppose it by exposing it and standing firmly against it. After all, Islam is incompatible with freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights. Ironically, it's using all of those things to impose itself, and eventually it will take them all away... unless we say "NO!".

Anonymous said...

"They were as socialist as Stalinist USSR, and even had a mutual non-aggression pact because of this reason."

Lolwut? That's the most weird explanation i've ever heard...

Canadian Sentinel said...

Ok, maybe "because of this reason" isn't the right choice of words...

Maybe if I get rid of "because of this reason", you won't think it's so weird... Dunno why I put those words there... brainfart, I guess...