Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Re The Racism & Ethnic Cleansing-Practicing Mohawk Politicians Of Kahnawake

Ethnic cleansing is ethnic cleansing.  Racism is racism.  Wrong is wrong.

Or so we thought.

Funny how people suddenly don't see racism where it is when "certain folks" practice the racism, isn't it?
The band council of Kahnawake, a Mohawk reserve south of Montreal, has given 10 days to 26 non-Mohawks to leave the reserve. Most of them are non-native men living with Mohawk women. Families will be broken up and husbands and fathers expelled from their homes – unless the women follow their partners off the reserve. But if they do so, they – and their children – will lose their family homes and their ancestral rights. (Interestingly, aboriginal men married to non-native women are not subject to orders of expulsion, proving that racism and sexism often go hand in hand.)


The only group to publicly protest against the expulsion orders at Kahnawake was Quebec Native Women. Its president, Ellen Gabriel, herself a Mohawk living on the Kanesatake reserve near Montreal, said the Indian Affairs Minister has the power to invalidate the council's decision – an opinion corroborated by several jurists interviewed in the media. Ms. Gabriel insists that disallowing intermarriage is not part of the Mohawk tradition: “Adoption of non-Mohawks was, and still is, a common practice,” she told the Montreal Gazette, “and includes ceremonies to welcome non-residents who have committed to learn the Mohawk language and uphold Mohawk traditions.”
Hmm... you know, the way things are going, next thing you know, the male Mohawk politicians will deem that Mohawk women, like many women in the Islamic world, will have to wear burkas!

Given what Ms. Gabriel says, isn't it therefore logical to conclude that these particular male Mohawk politicians, those sexist-as-well-as-racist pigs, obviously, are behaving illegally, criminally, unconstitutionally?  Well, let's hope some folks with 'nads take these reprehensibly racist, sexist ethnic-cleansing-mad politicians to court!
(...) as Ms. Gabriel said, integration – not rejection – is the solution. In any case, the concept of “racial purity” is completely obsolete in today's world.

Of course, the affair is quite murky, if only because the federal government itself is the prime culprit for having maintained an apartheid-like system of reserves based on ethnicity. And all provincial governments live in terror of seeing a group of aboriginal militants erect barricades on roads or bridges. What Quebec politicians see in their nightmares is the Mercier bridge, which links the island of Montreal to the southwest part of the province – via the Kahnawake reserve. 
I've always maintained that racism is racism, period.

Plenty of pure bullshit going on.  Like as to the "sovereignty" delusion, well, if they're "sovereign" on "Indian lands", then why do they need handouts from Canada, a supposedly foreign nation?  Why aren't the reservations actually countries, then?  Why act like "Palestine"?  Why pretend, but not put their own money where their mouths are?  Come on!  Be equal... or be whatever one makes oneself out to be in reality.

What happened two centuries ago is so far distant in the past that it's crazy to believe it must matter anymore!  We must stop pretending this is still the long-over Days of Old.  We must move on, not remain mired in long-ago battles that don't matter anymore, as everyone's allowed to be equal (except for women living on reservations, who still, incredibly appallingly and unacceptably, have no equal rights relative to men!).

It's all insane... what's happening.

It's all fecked up.


Perhaps it's obviously time to revisit the then-Indian-Affairs-Minister (and later Liberal Prime Minister) Jean Chretien-penned White Paper on Indian Policy.

Part of the White Paper declares:
This Government believes in equality. It believes that all men and women have equal rights. It is determined that all shall be treated fairly and that no one shall be shut out of Canadian life, and especially that no one shall be shut out because of his race. 

Unfortunately, the Liberal (Trudeau-led) government eventually chose racism and segregation instead, and enshrined this racism and segregation within the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982.  This is one of the reasons why there are many Canadians who say the Charter is flawed and who say that Trudeau was very bad for Canada.

That is why we're now seeing racism, sexism and ethnic cleansing by some "Indians".

It's, at the root, the Liberals' fault.

And the current Conservative government is showing that it's got no balls on this particular issue, obviously afraid of offending Indian Supremacists.  Oh, well, no government is, or will ever be, perfect, but there's still room for improvement in this one.  I hope they'll do the right, and (retroactively, anyway) bipartisan thing, and bring Canada towards the correct no-racism policy as written in Jean Chretien's 1969 White Paper on Indian Policy.


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Jen said...

Maybe, the prime minister is reviewing the matter quietly; no media interference.

The liberals like to brag that they are the first to do this or that as long as it looks approveable by the public.

Don't be surprise that the liberals take what they(libs) created in the first place accuse the prime minister for not cleaning up their(libs)mess.
Most of the Mohwaks etc are liberal voters which means, they approve what the liberals did to them.

Wahionronkwas said...

"Hmm... you know, the way things are going, next thing you know, the male Mohawk politicians will deem that Mohawk women, like many women in the Islamic world, will have to wear burkas!"

Let's not be ridiculous.