Sunday, February 07, 2010

DANGER ALERT: Syria Delivers WMDs To Hezbollah

Above: The Fateh-110 missile.  Weapon of mass destruction.
Syria has provided them to Hezbollah.
Fullscale war may now be incipient.
"Casus belli" (justification for war): Israel

Alarming story here.
The secret transfer of the mobile surface-to-surface Syrian-made Fateh-110 (range 250km) missile to Hizballah sparked the prediction Friday, Feb. 5 from an unnamed US official that cross-border arms smuggling from Syria into Lebanon outside state control was "very dangerous"  and "paved the way to war similar to Israel-Hizballah conflict of 2006. debkafile's military sources report hat Israel warned Syria through at least two diplomatic channels against Hizballah using this lethal weapon, which is capable of reaching almost every Israel city.


According to our intelligence sources, Israel posted warnings against Hizballah using the weapon through US Middle East envoy George missile who called on president Bashar Assad in Damascus on January 20 and ,even more emphatically, through Spanish foreign minister Miguel Moratinos who arrived in Syria on Feb. 3 after talks in Jerusalem. The message he carried was that if Hizballah ventured to fire the Fateh-110, Israel was determined to hit back at strategic and military targets inside Syria.

This warning instantly prompted the war rhetoric which emanated from Assad and his foreign minister Walid Moallem. Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, known for his undiplomatic, blunt style, responded by warning Syria that it stood to lose the next war and the Assad family would lose its grip on power in Damascus.

Only fools attack Israel.

Fools are those who don't learn the lessons of History.

Picture it...

Syria, via Hezbollan occupiers in Lebanon, attempts to destroy Israel with Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Israel fights back, defeats Hezbollah and Syria, captures Syrian territory fair, square, and legally under international law.

1967 Six-Days' War... redux.

Feeling lucky, Syria?  Feeling lucky, Hezbollah?  Go ahead, Syrian and Hezbollan punks... make Israel's day. 

Go ahead, punk...

I.  Resolutely.  Stand.  With.  Israel!


Enkidu said...

I. Resolutely. Stand. With. Israel!

Damned straight! Netanyahu is no Olmert, the next war with Hezbollah will NOT be like the last one.

Jen said...

I will bw very careful not to take up arms against Israel. Or face the wrath of GOD.

Anonymous said...

I too stand with the only democratic, freedom loving, respectful, egalitarian country in the Middle East.

Chris in the Bridge