Friday, February 19, 2010

UPDATE: Ann Coulter's Canadian Tour!

Ezra Levant's got the latest...

And you might be able to meet Ann in person...

Here's the website with all the event details.

In short, the tour will travel to:
London, Ontario on Monday, March 22
Ottawa, Ontario on Tuesday, March 23 and
Calgary, Alberta on Thursday, March 25.

Click on the main website for exact details, and for contact information for each city.
All of her speeches are on campus, and are free to students, $10 for non-students.
There will also be a private VIP reception before each event with Ann. If you'd like some details about those, send me an e-mail by clicking here.

If you're a notorious Proggy, then I'd betcha yer shitouttaluck and will have to settle for a crappy seat at one of the universities... just remember not to make an ass of yourself.


Enkidu said...

"If you're a notorious Proggy...just remember not to make an ass of yourself."

But that's their only reason for going!

Ghostpanda said...

Seems the University of Ottawa's Student Federation just kicked this completely outspoken sensationalist attention-whore right off campus. Why is this American politician even in Canada? Her views are religiously-based, and have no relevance to Canada at all. 10/10 people I've conversed with are all in agreement she's just here to sell books.

You might want to hire a website designer, this is undoubtedly the most boring looking blog related to politics I think I've ever seen. Nice cat w/ sniper rifle though. Touche.