Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Levant-Warman War Rages On

 Freedom fighter Ezra Levant, left, and Liberal Fascist Bully Richard Warman, right

Liberty vs. Tyranny

Freedom of Expression vs. Censorship

Righteousness vs. Hypocrisy

The war continues...

Again, Richard Warman proves what kind of a person he is.  Ewww!  Peee-yewww!
Of all the libel suits that arose from the vicious public debate over hate speech in human rights law, none are as richly layered as this one, known officially as Richard Warman v. The National Post Company, Jonathan Kay, Ezra Levant, Kathy Shaidle, Fivefeetoffury.com, smalldeadanimals.com, Catherine McMillan, Mark Fournier, FreeDominion.ca, Constance Wilkins-Fournier.

There are others, including one that goes to trial this morning in Ottawa, brought against Mr. Levant by Canadian Human Rights Commission lawyer Giacomo Vigna.

Actually, as a blogger, I've been in the thick of the war, rendering my two-cents-worth, but have escaped unscathed by the SLAPP suits.  Probably because I'm not prominent enough to be worth bothering with, though I did have a post mentioned once in the SLAPP suit (filed against Ezra, and probably the same suit that's before the court as we speak) by the big-baby Giacomo Vigna, essentially just 'cause I made fun of him (he tried, bizarrely, to suggest that it was "evidence of hate" ["Hate"?  Nah.  Try derision and dismissiveness.] being caused/fomented/spread by Mr. Levant.)  Meh.  Big Baby Giacomo Vigna (or perhaps we should call him "Gina Vagina"?) can't handle being unpopular due to his being an asshole.  I suggest that Giacomo, like Comrade Richard, quit being an asshole and then maybe people won't make fun of him so much.

Mark my words... Richard Warman is going to lose... and lose spectacularly.

History is littered with the remains of tyrants who rose to artificial, delusional glory in their own minds and came crashing down to reality, which they couldn't tolerate.

Liberty eventually prevails over tyranny!

Judgement Day approaches for Richard Warman.

And, yes, for Warren Kinsella, too.  Yep, buddy, you'll get your Judgement Day as well, just like your comrade Richard...

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