Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ahmadinejad Didn't Get What Israeli Ambassador Got

...from the Hateful Hard Left.

You know, the fact that Islamic Supremacists, like the Satanically Hateful, Mass-Murder-Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, always get to speak at universities without being heckled and shouted down by Hateful Hard Left-wing Extremists, but Israelis like Binyamin Netanyahu (Concordia- Montreal) and now Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren (UC-Irvine) never get to speak... not to mention David Horowitz, himself Jewish and pro-Israel...

This fact tells us something.  The pattern, the discrimination... unmistakable.

Clearly the kindred evil spirits of co-Final-Solutionists Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini (Yasser Arafat's uncle) live on in the Hateful Hard Left, especially the Islamic-Supremacist/Pro-"Palestinian" contingent thereof, who clearly led the hatemongering of the group of anti-free-speech, hateful, intolerant bigots at the Oren speech.

Such extremists as we saw disrupting the speech... they're only fuelling the fires of hatred and violence against Jews worldwide, using Big Lies against the demonization and defamation victim, Israel, the world's only Jewish-character state, as an excuse to foment hatred and violence against Jewry the world over.

If this kind of hatemongering behavior was being committed against abortionists, militant homosexual extremists and Islamists, we know that there'd be a brutal crackdown on anyone who was even merely suspected of planning to disrupt an abortionist, gay or Muslim speech.  Talk about double standards.

Certain folks are considered by the Hateful Hard Left (which includes the faltering, bleeding-financially Big Old Media of Mass Deception) to be worthy of being considered human, whereas others are seen as no more human than bugs or something.

It's time to crack down on the hate, no matter what its purveyors look like, no matter their skin color, no matter what kind of headgear they wear, etc.  In fact, I'd call for jail sentences for such folks who refuse to respect the equal rights of others to have their turn at the microphone without being shouted down with hateful big lies and smears!  Because what happened in the video is a violation of the Israeli Ambassador's human rights, and jail time is justifiable for such hateful, illegal behavior!


Anonymous said...

It makes one angry to see such disrespect for a speaker. Most of the interupters more than likley are not US citizens.They should be booted out of the country. COD to their dirty homeland or better name sewer. They need a slap in the back of the head....nothing in there any way so it won't damage anything.......

Dallas said...

What they have done is to help the West to realize the kind of people Israel has to deal with every day. Keep it up guys, we're one more step to banning muslims completely.