Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Obama Treats Terrorists Better Than Missionaries

Again the Obamacrat Reich shows its true colors.
Excuse me?  What was that?  The very mastermind behind 9-11, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (KSM), is offered a New York City show trial by this administration; but we will not ask the Haitian government to let us try our own people?  You have to be kidding me.
America has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into Haiti to help them in their time of need. 
Surely we could ask for this favor.  To make matters worse, Haiti’s Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive told CNN recently that his government would consider transferring the 10 Americans for a U.S. trial.  The only stipulation seems to be that our government must make the request.  As of today, we have yet to make the request.
Hillary, Obama, somebody – get on the phone!  Our own people are in desperate need of American justice.  Why go to such great effort to give that justice to terrorists and not our own citizens?  My mind can’t even get around that logic.
Plus... aren't the Obamacrats concerned that the detainees will be tortured in Haiti?  Oh, well, they're Christians, the Obamacrats reason, so who cares?

Alleged "kidnapping"?  Hey, they're Christians, so they're guilty, right?  All Christians are bad, right?  They say they were only trying to help?  They lie!  Put 'em at the mercy of a Third World kangaroo court!  We "progressives" want nothing to do with 'em, right?!

But the most evil monsters on earth, ie. Islamic Supremacist Terrorist Mass Murder Masterminds... need to have their asses kissed and baby-powdered by the Obamacrats???

Wonder what if the missionaries were, instead, some exalted-by-the-Hard-Left Muslims charged with "kidnapping".  Would the Obamacrats then care?  I think so.  Obamacrats, it seems quite clearly, want to belive that Muslims can do no wrong, ever, so they give 'em every benefit of the doubt, and more.  But Christians?  Well, Obamacrats are always looking for ways to "make 'em go away".

As for those who believe Obama's a "Christian", well, what's he done to demonstrate it, as opposed to demonstrating that he's as un-Christian as anyone can possibly be?  That "church" he attended for two decades, well, he only went for the racist, anti-Jew, anti-America, neo-communist preachings of the ultra-hateful "Reverend" Wright.  And isn't it weird that the most powerful man in the whole world can't find a church to attend?  He takes all that time for golf, bowling, going to the gym, partying twice a week at the White House... but can't find a place to go to worship Jesus on Sundays, just for a couple of hours?  Really... think about it.  The guy's lying when he says he's Christian.  Lying.  As in Taqiyya.  As in Islamic.  As in how he was born.

Obama couldn't care less about what happens to REAL Christians.  I really don't think he could.

Well, f*ck the Obamacrats.  They're going to lose power soon enough... and spectacularly, too...

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