Sunday, February 07, 2010

Dhimmitude Apparent At FaceBook With Double Standards

FaceBook is apparently, wittingly or unwittingly, tolerant towards anti-Jewish hatemongering, but is as fascist as fascist can be against anyone who dares to speak the inconvenient truth about Supremacist, Imperialist Islam, and about Islamization.

There are many controversial individuals and groups on Facebook including Islamists, supporters of terrorism, Nazis, and even terrorists themselves, etc. People having these views and worse remain on Facebook but those having anti-jihad perspectives apparently are now targets for account removal. How can this be explained?


If our existential enemies say that they hate us and must fight us till we submit to Islamic domination because their doctrine tells them so, it is folly for us to suggest that they are mistaken. These abysmal criminals have the authority of Koran, Sira, and Hadith and the historical record to justify their statements. Our silly western politically correct multiculturalists have nothing but their fantasies, dreams and ignorance to support their positions.

The removal of SIOA and SIOE organizers accounts from Facebook may indicate a pro-Islam or anti- anti-Jihad bias on the part of Facebook management; we may never know. However, what is more likely is that online discussion and debate as seen on the pages of the individuals mentioned above has been effective.

Thousands of people have followed these online Facebook discussions. Many now view the statements and actions of terrorists and Islamists in a different light, now illuminated with their knowledge of Islamic doctrine – a doctrine never taught to them in our institutions of higher “education”. A great deal of learning and erudite discussion has been occurring on the pages of Facebook.

The truth of Islamic jihad and intolerance is difficult to deflect, even with politically correct multicultural biases and fantasies that diminish the truth to something both unpalatable and unacceptable. Islamic ideology is fundamental to what is happening across the world today. A re-invigorated Islam fighting its jihad against the kafir West does so because of ideology and doctrine. The doctrine behind this ideology is available and can be studied and understood. The falsehoods are falling away, in large part due to the efforts of the people mentioned above and many others.
The question:  Is the Management of FaceBook stupid and ignorant enough to believe that the inconvenient truth about Supremacist, Imperialist Islam is unacceptable and must be censored, whilst outrageous hatemongering and demonization directed against Jews is somehow acceptable?

Who are the Management of FaceBook?  What kind of people are they?  Are they just stupid, ignorant, brainwashed, lazy-minded... or do they perhaps harbor a sinister, dangerous agenda, or are they just following direction from some who are intimidating them somehow, or are bribing them?

Whatever the reason(s), what is clear is that FaceBook's Management is, whether they mean to or not, discriminating, practicing a double standard, censoring the truth, censoring calm, rational, reasoned debate based on the truth, whilst looking the other way on many hateful, demonizing-of-Jews, FB pages?

If FaceBook Management has any sense of right/wrong, then they'll smarten up.  If they need to hire more staff to deal with these problems and deal with them appropriately, rationally, fairly and without any double-standard practice, then they'll take appropriate action.

But in my experience, the average person doesn't "take appropriate action" unless and until they're sufficiently pressured to do so.

ht: JIDF

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