Monday, February 15, 2010

Harper Remains King Of Leadership-Index Hill

Ignatieff no better off despite the big, now-gone, media-manufactured stink over proroguation (which Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty is doing now, without suffering any resultant media-manufactured stink).

In fact, never-be-PM Jack Layton of the NDP is rated better than the now-a-puppet-of-Peter-Donolo Ignatieff.

On all counts, Liberal Leader Ignatieff actually ranks third, always after the second-place Layton.

Guess the anti-proroguation false, Astroturfy campaign, now dead and forgotten, will have been a colossal waste of time and effort.  As Kelso would say.... Burn!!!

Leadership matters a LOT.

That's why the Liberals will be heading back to the drawing board... and sharpening their backstabbing knives again...

Peter Donolo and the Big Media:  FAIL!

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Jen said...

All this disaster could not possibly happen under the conservatives; it goes to show you where the media stands. By rights, the media should be all over the liberals not what is taking place now under IGNATIEFF but from the time of Trudeau.

How can the people of canada even or ever wanting the opposition parties run this country. the markets will drop over night.

Layton? Layton has gone against every budget except for one or two, that had items for his people;
How can he say that he looks after the 'little guy' when he has them paying the 1.95 for each party instead of just paying for their own desired party. He also has the little guy paying for people at the 'incite clinic, instead of telling the 'druggies' ' find your own money to pay for your clean needles; the little guy can't afford it because they have families to look after. the same goes for the unions, the little guy can't afford to 'bail out' layton's pride and joy unions.
So when Layton says "I care for the little guy' look out, all that is just plain 'milk and honey' the same syrup Hugo Chavez uses on his poor people. That's all.