Saturday, February 27, 2010

Separated At Birth: Guergis and Dhalla?

Those who wish to bash Conservative MP Helena Guergis (l) for getting frustrated and saying some frustrated stuff at an airport (hey, who the hell doesn't?), should recall the Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla (r) controversy.  If one refuses to believe the immigrant women who accused Dhalla of treating them like slaves, then one can't claim that the accusations against Helena are necessarily any more valid.

Story here.

Big deal, not so much... unbecoming-an-MP behavior, absolutely.

But it's certainly as sensational as hell for "journalists" (who suddenly, fascinatingly, refuse to use the word "allegedly" when mentioning what Ms. Guergis was accused of saying and doing... does one think they'd drop the word "allegedly" for a Liberal or for a Muslim so behaving at an airport) to holler about in the "news".  If it involved some ugly Liberal, NDP or Bloc Quebecois man, no Prog apparatchik of the Big Media would care.

Besides, if Obama had behaved like that, do you think the Big Media would care?

I mean, he's a man, and men are excused for such behavior all the time, right?

Besides, who can forget Liberal PM Chretien's infamous "Shawinigan Handshake" with Bill Clennett on a photo-op "walkabout" one Flag Day?

Remember, if Liberal dictator Jean Chretien could get away with literally beating up an ordinary Canadian citizen, Mr. Bill Clennett...

Kind of puts getting grumpy at the airport into perspective, doesn't it?

And at least Obama has shown more self-control than Jean Chretien.  Otherwise, he'd have "gotten into it" with Joe the Plumber, who disagrees with his socialist-revolutionary agenda...


Anonymous said...

It was an ANONYMOUS letter that Wayne Easter used to start this Liberal tripe. "Politics of personal destruction" meets Libby Deperado.

glasnost said...

This kind of airport incident would never happen with Liberal ministers. They'd be more likely to travel on government or military aircraft rather than deigning to travel on Jazz.

Canadian Sentinel said...

...after all, those special, exalted "Liberals" are entitled to their entitlements... at our expense. And no cost is too great for the oh-so-superior "Liberals".