Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Doubt That Obama's Christian At All

Failure to say anything about this slur on the Pope and on Jesus.

A REAL Christian wouldn't let it slide without saying something.

If someone had slurred the top Islamic cleric and Mohammed, well, heads would be rolling, cars would be burning, and stuff would be going boom...

Besides, how in the world is it that the most powerful man in the world "can't find a Church" to go to, after being away from services for well over a year?  Come on!  If he was "too busy", then he could sacrifice some of his golf, some of his partying, some of his bowling, some of his time spent attacking FOX News, El Rushbo, Glenn Beck, the American People et al...

Rest assured that if a Republican said something so nasty about abortion "doctors", Muslims or gay folks, Obama would at least say something nasty about that Republican.  But should a Democrat say something nasty about Jesus, well, nothing to worry about, far as Bammy's concerned!

In the United Socialist States of Obamerica, Christianophobia is the official state religion.

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