Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Iffy: Pot, Kettle. As Usual.

Canadian Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff:
More of the same old hypocritical propaganda

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is again the Pot calling the Kettle an "ideologue".

So what else is new?  Other than the guy (now Peter Donolo and no longer Warren Kinsella) who tells him what to say to the totally-onside Liberal Media of Mass Deception?

Nothing else to go on.  No alternative to offer.  Just whine, bitch, complain, bellyache, slander...

And the Liberal Media of Mass Deception is all too happy to give him a really, really big soapbox, microphone and fridge-sized amplifiers.


Jen said...

CS, I am from the west indies, if I tell the media there what the media is doing here to the prime minister so they can return a very corrupt liberal party and coalition and will do so at any cost even if it is to destroy this nation, the media there will be horrified even the public there will be shocked.

The media here is to blame 'big time' they work sleep breathe corruption along side with the coalition parties.
How the PM is managing to stay in government, is a miracle.
The media here love no one but the liberals and coalition parties and will work day and night to protect them from you instead of the other way around.

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