Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Democrats Are Mostly Socialists. Americans Mostly Aren't: Poll

Story here.

No big surprise to me.  I've always known that Leftist political parties like the Democratic Party of America were extreme and socialist.

Whereas only 36% of Americans think socialism is good, a majority, 53%, of Democrats/Democrat-leaning voters, think it's good.

Only 17% of Republicans think it's good.  Of course, they're those dishonest, self-misrepresenting RINOs who helped Obama win in '08.

Ergo, the Democratic Party does NOT represent the views of the American People at all.

And, really, when you've seen all the indubitable evidence re Obama himself, you know that he's one of the 53% of Democrats who are socialists.  After all, socialist is as socialist does!

Overall, things look devastating for the Obamacrats and positive for Sarah Palin et al, as the views of Mainstream Americana testify...

Images (Positive or Negative) of Seven Entities, Among All Americans


Jen said...

You know CS, most of us think that there is nothing to the word 'Socialism' when you look at it. some people think it means 'socializing' no big deal sort of thing.

Now, here is the thing, the americans and canadians don't seem to realize that Hugo Chavez is a 'Socialist' yet the people are oppressed. Now, I wonder if these people americans and canadians who believe in socialism and like the idea of it, are prepared to give not offer-give or surrend everything they had work for and the money which they accumulated throughout the years, to the government.
If this question was ever put before the people who rave over socialism will do such a thing(surrender their wealth or whatever they worked for).
Probably not.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Definitely not.