Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Potheaded Rebagger Opens Big Liberal Mouth

 Ross Rebagliati showing his true color... Red.  
Not sure whether his track suit says "Canada" or "cannabis" (misspelled with one "n", but, hey, those lefty stoners aren't known for their spelling acumen).  
You know, Stockwell Day, even in his Wetsuit Phase, was a lot more rational than the Rebagger.   
Plus Mr. Day, the Rebagger's opponent in the next federal election, whenever the deep-political-wilderness-wandering Liberals decide to force it, is already tried and true, proven, having learned from his mistakes, etc...

This small-minded, big-mouthed Liberal guy can't shut up.  I'd be surprised if he's got Peter Donolo's consent for saying those assinine things.

Remember Ross Rebagliatti?  The potheaded snowboarder?

He's talking politics during the Olympics, just like his Iffy Leader.

He's a Liberal candidate who crazily thinks that the people of Okanagan-Coquihalla will choose him over the obviously-levelheaded, professional, mature, learned-his-lessons-already, tried-and-true Stockwell Day.

To me, Reefer Ross still sounds like he's been a-stonin'.

So Ross says that PM Harper is "disconnected from society"?  Well, I'd ask him, like, "compared to whom?"  Your leader Ignatieff (suuuuure, riiiiiiight, yup!) and Obama (whom Ross actually outs as "also a lefty")?  How about YOU, Rossy?  THC does disconnect people from society and from reality, not to mention rationality, after all...

Like, what the hell is wrong with wearing a tuxedo at a fancy event, to play a Beatles' song on the piano?  How does that make Mr. Harper "disconnected from society"?  Looks to me that Harper's a LOT more connected.  Besides, who is an infamous stoner to go around pointing fingers at people and saying "hey, look, they're disconnected!"???  Hypocrise much, eh, Rossy?

And get a load of this clearly-not-well-thought-out opinion of Ross, proving that he's little more than a mouthpiece of Hard-Leftwing mass propagandists:
'We know that what he really wanted was to be the president of the United States. He was Bush's puppet,' 

Funny... wanting to be the POTUS... how silly to say such a thing... but all Leftists say that about all Conservative leaders in Canada, reflexively.  Bush's puppet?  Well, now he appears to be more Obama's puppet than Bush's.  But I doubt a lefty like Ross would mind Harper being a puppet of the also-lefty Obama.  What a fullashit ideologue, this Rebagger.  Only fools will vote for a fool like the Rebagger.

Guy's also got delusions of grandeur:
'And I gave a speech before the Liberals at the Ottawa parliament without being an MP. That is something that had never happened in history, I'm like a star,' says Rebagliati, who undoubtedly has a good opinion of himself. 

Sheesh.  Typical Liberal, though.

And the Rebagger is a big fan of the Chinese Communist Party, obviously, something that will actually cost him a lot of B.C. votes, as many Chinese-descent B.C. voters don't support the CCP:
Rebagliati disagrees with Harper's decision not to attend the inaugural ceremony in Beijing 2008 - 'we do a lot of business with China' - and he hopes to get the votes of people under 40. 

It's clear that this guy's just an old, ill-informed, ignorant teenager who doesn't understand diddly. 

A guy like this would've disagreed with a Tory PM's decision to boycott the Munich Olympics... "because, hey, man, like, we do a lot of business with the Nazis, man, so, like, duh, eh, man!".

Please, no stoners in Parliament.  We've already got enough crazy assholes in there!  We don't need some ditzy, big-mouthed, small-minded CheeChonger added to the mix.

We don't really need someone in the House insistently declaring, "I can haz cheezburger!", "I can haz chipz!", "I can haz pepperonee peetsa!", etc...  Really, does one think that an LOLcat would make much of a Parliamentarian?

He's like Paris Hilton with a willy, you know.  A mimbo.  A Kanuck Kato Kaelin.  A male Britney.  You get the pic.

Anyway, he'll provide comic relief during the election campaign, and then will be heard no more.

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