Wednesday, February 10, 2010

McGuinty Prorogues Provincial Parliament

Shut up!  It's ok when I do it!
Because I'm a Liberal!

Time for a 200,000-plus-member FaceBook page, and for province-wide protests.

Oh, but it's ok, because this, because that... not same thing as the other proroguation, right... nothing to see here; it's a Liberal-Leftist, so it's ok, as always.

Yeah, right, suuuuuure.  It's ok, for whatever convenient reasons the Liberal spin doctors and the Big Old Media of Mass Deception make up out of thin air, a la the knee-jerk Hard-Leftwing Double Standard Prime Directive.

At least now they'll all have to STFU already about Harper doing it.

Otherwise, the Harper folks will then, rightly, of course, say, hey, the Liberal guy did it... why is it ok for him?  What's wrong with you Leftist folks?  Are you unfair?  Are you practicing a double standardWho are the real arses, then?!

Shh!  Move along!  Nothing to see here!  Do I need to get out the pepper spray?


Jen said...

CS, if you have to make a 'count' as to 'how many times' the national media spoke/speak against the Liberals compare to the amount of times they media spoke and continue to speak against the PM, you may come up with one hand or none.
The media condones whatever the liberals did and do, they condone the liberals corruption, Dalton's have-not province, they condone the liberals support of terrorist groups thievery and so on.

They are liberals and liberals are entitled to endanger our lives steal from you do whatever they wish while the national media condones it all.

Anonymous said...

Tonight on the National: "Good evening I'm Peter Mansbridge. The Ontario Government has had to go to extraordinary measures because the Reform-Conservative government has failed in many obligations to voters. Premier Dalton McGuinty has taken the courageous step of allowing his MPPS time to step into the job left vacant by vacationing Federal Conservatives. And later, more revelations on the connection to the innocent saint Omar Khadr and how Mulroney and Schreiber relate. That after "An Inconvient Truth, Al Gores courageous fight to save the planet"

Chris in the Bridge

Jen said...

THE 'CODE OF SILENCE' continues within the national media.
Omar, taliban, hezbollah tamil-ltte-tigers must be very happy with their mps within the liberals,ndp and bloc.
Jack Layton is proud that he has been given the transcripts about the taliban detainees. I am sure that he will get a message of thanks from the taliban for the work well done.

If you ask canadians a simply question "who do you want to run this country? the conservatives? or the liberals and coalition that support terrorist groups?

Jen said...

Here are the 'code of silence' from which the media stays far away from. In their terms: the least the canadian people know anything about the liberals and years in corruption which exist today, the better off the media and the liberals are.

Take a look at Conservative Reporter blog site.