Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kupelian's New Book Revealed: 'How Evil Works'

The sequel to the groundshaking, worldview-changing (for many) blockbuster 'The Marketing of Evil' (I've read that and have an autographed copy) is now out.

How Evil Works: Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces That Are Transforming America .
"Using today's most sensational news stories as a starting point," writes Kupelian in the book's introduction, "together we will explore the actual mechanics, the inner workings, the 'operating system' of this most vexing and under-examined part of all our lives."

Now here's the good news: "Once we really understand how evil works – not just in the disasters and mega-crimes that dominate the headlines, but in our own lives as well – evil actually loses much of its power over us, and the way out becomes more clear. Thus, 'How Evil Works' bears a powerful message of genuine hope." 
I'm sure regular readers of this blog will like the book.

I say...

Understanding "Evil" and how it works can help us vanquish our internal demons, recover our real selves, make us feel better, more serene and peaceful and can help make our lives better overall.

One can call it anything, but one thing's for sure, Evil equals, pretty much, delusion, corruption and destructiveness.

Understanding what's going on that affects us and others around us, understanding what's distorting our perception and understanding of the world around us and which is causing us to think and act irrationally...  Believe me, I know, personally, that understanding ourselves and others, why we're irrational when we are, can help us greatly.  Sometimes folks act irrationally because they don't know better, because they were told things that aren't true, because they're conditioned to believe as they believe, assume and presume as they do... but understanding why this is happening can help those who want to help themselves... to be better off, and better interact and deal with those who don't know what they're talking about, who don't realize that their attitude and behavior is irrational and who sometimes attempt to impose their false beliefs upon us, pushing us around against our will and against reality, logic and reason (and driving us nuts, which, in turn, drives them nuts, which in turn, etc., etc...).

Hmm.  I can now envision a book, written by Yours Truly someday, entitled something like:  "How To Get Along With Really Annoying Folks Who Don't Know What They're Talking About".   God knows I've got LOTS of practice!

Truth and understanding are powerful things.  They vanquish despair, crush internal demons and restore hope, for one thing.  And sometimes those who have helped themselves can help others, as well...  And, by the way, it all begins by forgiving those whom one once thought were being mean on purpose, but who really didn't realize the folly of their thinking and actions, who themselves were victims of... Evil.

Remember...  To err is human.  To forgive is divine.  Such is the essence of Christianity, actually, and why I'm Christian... again.

Buy the book.  I know I will, recalling how eye-opening and jaw-dropping the other one was.

Damn... I just did Mr. Kupelian a favor in promoting his book.  Perhaps I should get some kind of compensation?  Oh, don't worry, David... this one's a freebie, 'cause you do very important work!

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