Tuesday, February 02, 2010

O Goes Low Again, Bows To CAIR-Supporting Mayor

She's either ignorantly clueless or brainwashed... or worse, who knows.

Kind of like O himself, actually.  Obviously!

She supports... CAIR.   Amazing the nice, but out-of-touch-with-reality, stuff her administration says about the CAIR.  We're talking about delusionality here.

Yes, CAIR.  Front for Hamas, itself a front for the hateful, supremacist, terrorism-supporting Muslim Brotherhood, the root of all Islamic Supremacist hatred and violence worldwide, as well as the root of the imperial march of Supremacist Islam and the horrific, violent Shariah Law.

Again we've got Obama behaving stupidly, bowing to the wrong people.  Damn, he's NOT supposed to bow at all, to anyone at all, as the supposed "President".  Then again, if he's not, according, actually, to the Eligibility Clause of the US Constitution, then I guess it's moot.

But if he's supposed to be the "President", then why the hell doesn't he act like the President?!

Follow protocol, Barry!  PROTOCOL!

Stop behaving stupidly.

Check out the expression on the officer's face.  He's like,  "WTF?!  Not again!"


Jen said...

I guess that he likes to bow a lot no stoping there.

Obama is so 'green' when it comes to protocole or maybe he is instituting an idea to all peoples to 'bow' before him which he received from one of his media reporter and thinking that it feels good to be bowed at well, the rest of story is there.

glacierman said...

BHO is showing his narcissism at its finest. He is getting the world talking about his bizarre behavior, not his policies or the work he is doing as the POTUS.

I find it interesting that the MSM just did an whole article this weekend regarding his Christian faith and how strong a believer he is. Then this. I have never seen a Christian bow before another as our faith states that all of us are equal is God's sight, and should show respect but not be any respecter of persons.

This is truly bizarre behavior for the the leader of the free world to be doing, especially to a mayor of an American city.

The longer it goes, the stranger it gets. Just following after his educational training and teaching stint out on the LEFT coast.

joe six-pack said...

Sometimes I think that he is in over his head. The alternative is that he is doing this intentionally. The U.S. in his eyes has been basicaly evil (at least in part) because of our greed built from capitalism. He wants to fundamentally change America.

He is doing so.

Canuckguy said...

Maybe it's just that he has a foot fetish and is checking out her feet.

Watcher said...

Bammy is going horizonal again!