Monday, February 01, 2010

Not-Bad Success For Hard-Left, Double-Standard Propaganda Campaign

Looks like the big stink made by the Big Old Media, in conspiracy with the Liberals and NDP, as well as assorted Hard-Left fringe groups (perhaps ACORN-Can included?) over a few extra weeks off for MPs following the Christmas break... met with some success.  Not all that impressive, but, well, one's got to respect effort and hard work, even if the motivation is based on nothing but double-standard, Hard-Left Neo-Commie assholery.

The socialist fringes saw their opportunity to bash the Conservatives (really, just for being conservative, of course, and the proroguation, they really don't care about, as they didn't when Liberals and NDPers did it!) and took advantage.  Well, how lovely for them.

Of course, ultimately, it'll mean nothing.

They only managed to impress upon a minority of those polled, just 40%, with their incredible propaganda war, that proroguation was somehow "an attack on democracy".

Oh, gimme a break.  When "progressives" do the proroguation thing, how come the Big Old Media and the socialist fringes don't say it's "an attack on democracy"?

Besides, how come "progressives" are hellbent against having referenda?  Referenda are the most direct, purest form of democracy, yet "progressives" scream bloody murder at the very suggestion of any referendum whatsoever.

So, really, only fools will be fooled (looks like 40% of polled folks are fools, and the other 60% are onside with the Conservatives... interesting spin, eh!)...

Besides, I remember how many Canadians were against what the Leftist Opposition was threatening in late 2008.  Then, a majority indicated they would vote Conservative.  As for the Liberals' prospects thanks to the propaganda attacks, well, they're still sniffing the Tories' butts, just behind in a tie, and never ahead.

Meh.  Nothing to see here, folks.  Let's get back to work!

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