Friday, February 05, 2010

Iggy's Latest Stupid Move

Ignatieff's been stupid... again.
Tom Flanagan, a University of Calgary political scientist and former campaign manager for the Conservative party told the Post: “Of all the issues that you could possibly raise about women’s health, why would you start with abortion?  What kind of mindset is that that you have to start killing unborn babies in order to help people? It seems to be based on the now discredited theory that poverty in the Third World is based on overpopulation. I don’t think any serious scholar believes that anymore.”

In addition, the National Post has published an editorial slamming Ignatieff for being so far to the extreme left on the abortion issue.

The most recent criticism came from Archbishop of Toronto Thomas Collins, who said on Thursday that, “In light of the many positive contributions that Canada can make to the improvement of maternal and child health, it is astonishing that the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Michael Ignatieff, has issued an official statement advocating contraception and abortion as fundamental elements in addressing this important issue.” 
Iggy's been under fire from within, too, I understand.  Not all Liberals are hellbent on the wholesale slaughter of the most purely innocent worldwide, after all.  Certainly not on our dime and not in our name!

Clearly, Michael Ignatieff has become nothing but a Hard-Leftwing Extremist.  A radical.  And an Obama copycat.  Canada doesn't need a leader who simply copies Obama and the 'Crats on social issues.  Nor on fiscal issues, on which Iggy's also copying the Obamacrat Reich.

If it's true, as they claim, that Iggy's "being himself now", then it's clear that Iggy's a racical, revolutionary, neo-Communist Hardcore Leftwing Extremist and shouldn't get any votes from Mainstream Canadiana.

Remember, Iggy is also on record as saying that taxes will have to be raised, that we should have a second "stimulus" program and that we "must" have socialist "childcare" no matter how big the deficit is.
You can't get a lot more Hard-Left than Michael Ignatieff.

Or is Iggy playing Leftists for the fool, in another of those Machiavellian, disingenuous Liberal mindfeck games?  Is it a ploy to attract disaffected NDPers and Leftists who don't vote?

Well, either way, it's clear that Michael Ignatieff is crazy-dangerous for Canada and that the Liberal Party of Canada is either now Hard-Left like the Obamacrats, or is just once again playing its same-old victory-at-all-costs, dishonest game.


Jen said...

The liberals and their coalition partners with their coalition of media are running this country.

My husband brought this to my attention since I don't watch the cbc and ctv news and power play with either evans solomon or tom clark anyway, he told me that either yesterday or day before yesterday, BOB RAE made a comment about GLENN BECK AND SARAH PALIN that we watch them.
Now, how does he know that? unless they liberals read the BLOGS. Insteresting!!!!

Canadian Sentinel said...

Of course even Leftists are going over to FOX News. Even they must be getting tired of being told the same old fluff bluff stuff they already believe, by the Big Old Media. They're like, yeah, yeah, yeah, but tell me something I don't know, like FOX News does?

The exsanguination of the Big Old Media continues. Again Time-Warner records a big quarterly loss, I noticed. That whilst FOX News skyrockets, fuelled by fair-and-balanced news and uncensored, frank analysis and punditry basically unavailable anywhere else via the remote.

Enkidu said...

The Gliberals are very much the gang who couldn't shoot straight. Today Scott Brison criticized the deal to end 'buy American' because it should have been done a year ago. Fair enough, perhaps, but now is better than never. He goes on to say that energy security is very important to America, and that we should have used our energy exports as leverage to obtain a deal sooner. He ends by saying we need to foster a better business relationship with the US.

Yeah, like blackmailing them with our oil exports will really 'foster a better business relationship'. The day that putz left the Conservative Party was a very good day for the Conservative Party.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Scott "Kiss My Ass" Brison is an asshole, period.

Thinks he's hot shit, and acts as such. It helps him make up for his inferiority complex and lack of genuine self-esteem.

He reminds me of the guy who sang that song, "I'm too sexy".

The guy in the song wouldn't know jackshit about politics, either, but I bet he'd pretend anyway, just like Scott.

Jen said...

Anybody connected to the LPOC have lost, the liberal grassroots have no conscience, mind or soul of their own-not even their media. These people all sing the same same song.
From the looks of it they just can't say "I LOVE MY COUNTRY MY TROOPS and CITIZENS" they just can't.
The conservatives has always had a civil relations with the Americans. They don't agree on everything but when it comes to the people of both countries, they both do business no insults of anything takes place only the Liberals and their media do that. they insulted GWB to no end.

The OPPOSITION PARTIES and their media are controll by the unknown lets say criminals, terrorist groups you name it.
How the liberals who have no part in this can remain with the party is beyond me.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I've noticed that those who oppose the Conservatives and will support the Libs/NDP no matter what... are those who have been most victimized by them in various ways that I've come to see as various symptoms of creeping, revolutionary, society-and-person-destructive socialism. They've got sort of a mild Stockholm Syndrome. No matter how eloquently and bluntly the truth is presented to them, they seem unable to process it, so they choose to disregard the truth. Generally there's no getting through to them, as they're too comfortable in their current delusions. Anything in the way of truth that would threaten to make them intellectually/emotionally uncomfortable gets met with either apathetic ignorance/barely-polite dismissal at the best, or hostility at the worst.

I'm trying, as myself, away from the blog, to get ONE of them to admit to the truth, ie. in the proroguation thing, that they're being unfair to Harper because they won't acknowledge or admit that Liberals and NDPers who've prorogued so many times in the past... are as much deserving of scorn as they believe the Tories to be. No joy yet.

Some are very-far "gone" and inaccessible, mentally, as they've been too comfortably lucky in their ignorance to change, though they all do possess Pavlovian response capability. It's this Pavlovian quality they display so frequently that I'm using, along with the Dialectic Method (I'm trying hard to stay away from using the Socratic Method, which is too Machiavellian), to try to get to them. I think that, for some, only something like 9/11 in their own neighborhood will shock them out of their comfortable dissociation vis-a-vis reality. Of course, some are so far gone that perhaps nothing, ever, will "get through to them", and they'll go through life, albeit highly functionally, being forever detached from whatever realities they can deny, as long as such denial makes them comfortable.

It's stuff like this that makes me realize that I've got to relocate to places where people are more in touch with reality and wish to constructively discuss critically-important stuff that affects them and the Free World. Ie. somewhere where there's fewer witting & unwitting socialists relative to reality-respecting folks like us.

This is why I plan to, eventually, relocate to Ottawa, where it's really far more "cosmopolitan", more "Babylonian", in terms of diversity of viewpoints and philosophies, than way out here on the Far East Coast, which, unfortunately, still suffers from the same old socialist/stay-in-the-comfy-box mentality as ever. Besides, family is far more accepting and trustworthy than are so-called "friends" who will usually only let you hang with them as long as you really, really "fit in", ie. surrender to their shared, delusional mentality and allow yourself to be led, and who will, hypocritically, never tolerate being led by bearers of inconvenient reality-truth, even on rare occassions. Some folks on the Left are even uncomfortable with some difference stuff about others, and it's clear to me that they're uncomfortable with my inability to keep up with their breakneck-paced, talk-over-one-another, incoherent, chaotic, pre-Canadian-election "debate"-style "conversations". It's as if that sort of relatively new (I remember when people would consider that way of speaking to be crazy and rude) mode of communication that presents a social wedge between them and me. And why I plan to get one of those implants to, hopefully, hear again, like Rush Limbaugh has successfully done.

Those unwitting socialists/Useful Idiots, well, God bless them and help them... Myself, I must go and do what I must; ie. move on and make whatever difference I can, the hard way, because it's clear that the easy way isn't an option for me, unlike how it is for some.