Friday, January 08, 2010

Travel Agencies Say Terrorists 'Winning'

Because of the ineffective, inefficient, and needlessly-broadly-oppressive "security" measures taken to appease politically correct whiners who scream and screech brainlessly about "racial profiling" (that's what I'm saying, anyway).

But the travel agencies are just complaining without shedding light onto the root cause.  Obviously they've got their hands tied with political correctness fascism/oppression/tyranny.

The root cause is political correctness and a fear of being accused of "racial profiling" and of being incorrectly labelled as "racist".

BUT...  Profiling MUST be done... to save lives.

If it had been done, then the Underwear Bomber wouldn't have been permitted onto the plane in the first place!  They knew more than enough about him to justify banning him from flying at all!  Yet they didn't bother to do that, as they didn't want to be seen as being "racist" or something.

But the near-cost of this "being seen as not-racist" was almost the deaths of many people on the plane, had the bomb worked as intended.

It is NOT LOGICAL to go by the irrational faith that being "non-racist" in the eyes of the Hard Left is more important than saving peoples' lives!

If we allow ourselves to be intimidated by hysterical scaremongering about saving lives with efficiency and effectiveness supposedly being unacceptable because, supposedly, imaginary-not-real "racism" must be prevented instead of needless civilian deaths being prevented... then, obviously, the terrorists have already won.  And they're laughing at us.

Those on the Hard Left who believe that preventing imaginary-not-real "racism" is more important than saving lives... are wrong.  And dangerous.  Yes, the irrational, illogical, delusional worldview of the Hard Left is one of the tools the terrorists use to kill more people!

Saving lives isn't racist.

Besides, profiling, in reality, in practice, does NOT simply single out everybody belonging to any particular group.  Oh, no... there's actually a whole bunch of intelligence factors that come into play.  Use your heads, folks.  Profiling doesn't mean that everyone who simply looks like an Arab or a Muslim or whatever will be singled out whereas no garden-variety white folks will be.  Why?  Because even ordinary-looking white folks are sometimes also Islamic terrorists (the terrorist networks recruit white folks into Islam and train them to be terrorists), and we don't just profile on the basis of physical appearance.  There's other things, such as the countries they've visited and for what purposes, etc., etc...

Even with profiling in play, everyone will still get closely scrutinized before being allowed onto a plane.  Metal detectors and bag searches still happen to everyone, after all.

No matter what any group says, The People who don't want to die say that whatever reasonable measures it takes to prevent terrorism... must be taken.

After all, when it comes to our very lives and the lives of our loved ones, what do we care about... lives or political correctness and the feelings of a few folks for just a little while?

Feelings can be healed once they're hurt.


Lives cannot be saved once they're lost.

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Jen said...

We should take or learn some lessons from the ISRAELIS and Jews who are constantly under threat yet they continue to live.

Canada too apathetic 'nothing will happen to us' kind of attitude is always there. They feel nothing will happen to them. Sad to say, it has happened already:

The opposition parties and their media have already surrendered themselves and this country to the terrorist groups. Why do you think the opposition parties and CBC CTV etc are doing their damnest best to bring down the PM. they have been ordered too.