Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kady Liveblogs Leftist Teabaggers

So far, not very much to see there.

Upon arrival at the scene of the planned anti-take-a-few-extra-weeks-off "protest" at Parliament, Kady O'Malley didn't see much at all.  Seems the assumed Leftist teabaggers don't even know what fecking time it if in Ottawa, saying it was 1 PM when it was actually noon!

Kady says, at that point:  

(...) I saw a small clump of presumably protesters clustered around the stairs outside Centre Block being welcomed by an unseen mic'd voice announcing that it was 1pm in Ottawa. Luckily, when she stopped and started over, I realized this was, in fact, a sound check and not evidence of a hole in the space-time continuum. 
Oh, but Kady's too kind.  Clearly the community organizer doesn't even know what gosh-darn time it is! 

Much different from the American Tea Party protests which were astonishingly massive, literally human-carpeting Washington with Americans mad at the Obamacrat Reich...

Heh... a little later and Kady still doesn't see anything special, nor unusually big.  A few cheap signs.  A crazy-looking guy she didn't dare talk to.  Not looking like much, still...

Anyway, you can follow the rest as Kady tells us live what she's seeing...

Doesn't look like Canadians really care about the MPs taking a few extra weeks off.  Like, who cares?  What difference does it possibly make, really?

Looks like there's other groups (also small) there, too, though it doesn't appear that they've got anything to do with the teabaggers.  Or do they?  Is this really nothing different from the usual Far-Left-Lunatic moonbat "demonstrations", with the kaffiyehs, the rainbow flags, the "Palestinian" flags, sometimes the illegal Hezbollah flag, etc., etc...?  Like, it's the sort of crap we see covered at ZombieTime.

Who's next, a bunch of gas-masked, molotov-cocktail-chucking hard-leftwing extremists with a chip on their shoulder for whatever to attack?

Nothing to see here.  Move on.

Looks like Kady's going to take a break, as there's not much to see, and, besides, her fingers are freezing, so she's gonna hang around the Flame and don her mittens.  Hmm... cute, eh- Kady O'Malley in mittens, warming up beside an open, if ersatz, fire...  be perfect if she was holding a puppy...  Aw, gee... now I wanna hug Kady and wanna hold the puppy for a bit...

Of course, she's just there because it's her job, and the CBC wants to give the Astroturfin', Conservative-bashing, hard-left teabaggers as much of a voice as possible, though the CBC didn't think that the massive, millions-strong American Tea Party protests were worthy of much mention, which is why I saw nothing in the CBC about them.

Apparently it's still "tiny" and confused.  Looks like the folks are confused, as Kady indicates that they're, by their picket signs, "anti-rogue"... sheesh... the moonbats have gotten the proroguation of Parliament confused with Sarah Palin's autobiography... it's a stupid play on words, but then again, what've the moonbat teabaggers got to go on, other than simply going around saying that everything about Conservatives is "bad"? 

Ah, I see- the Mounties figger there's just about five, six hundred moonbat teabaggers.  Still not impressed.  Such a paltry number surely cannot human-carpet Ottawa as the American Tea Party human-carpeted Washington with, what was it... a million folks, or at least hundreds of thousands? 

Ah... no great surprise here, for behold, as Kady did... THE RAGING GRANNIES!!!  See?  I toldya they were ASTROTURF.  The Raging Grannies aren't "mainstream" by any stretch of the rational imagination, and they're Hard-Left, Neo-Communist Extremists.  In fact, I believe the CSIS has been keeping tabs on them as "potential terrorists"...  And, look- they're NOT CANADIAN AT ALL, but rather an international socialist organization.  Of course, lots of grannies like to have tea parties, so, clearly, these grannies are raging hard-left teabaggers!

Yep... Left-Wing Extremist Teabaggers.  NOT Mainstream Canadiana.

Astroturf.  Meh.  And Kady, bizarrely, assumes that it's a "grassroots" turnout just because there are no fancy, mass-printed signs.  But really, that proves absolutely jackshit.  They're smart enough to not use the expensive-looking signs, so, for optics, they have a couple of moonbat activists make up a bunch of signs with cardboard, wooden stakes, and magic marker, to hand out for people to hold...

Ok, now 3,500 people estimated in the crowd.  Still no big deal.  over 200,000 on FaceBook, and, so far, a paltry fraction are pissy enough to bother to show up.  Nearly three hours, and only 3,500 folks.  Over at 5 PM, so not a lot of time to amass enough leftist teabaggers.  Probably have to bus in some ACORNies, some Islamic supremacist groups, a few GLBT parades... but, then, who'd they be fooling, if they claim to be Mainstream Canadiana?

Sounds quite socialist in tone already, as a laid-off worker spoke about "workers with unfinished business".  Workers, workers, workers... Hmm... the NSDAP was about "workers"... the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was about "workers"... Communism is about "workers"...

Nah.  NOT Mainstream Canadiana.  Just a bunch of same-old, same-old community-organized activists and bored, small-minded folks with nothing better to do but stand around and yell for the hell of it.

Kady indicates that the whole thing is "complicated".  What's complicated about delivering one message en masse?  Of course, it's NOT about delivering one message.  Clearly, it's really just another of those Hard-Left, community-organized, Astroturf mob gatheringsNOT Mainstream Canadiana, definitely NOT.

And, just to mock Janeane Garofalo, hey, they're all racists.  They just hate a white man in 24 Sussex Drive.  Right, Janey?

And, no surprise, but some top leftist teabaggers have already shown up: Jacko... and Iffy

 (...) Meanwhile, a random demonstrator is offering Ignatieff staffers communications advice.(...)

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Kady is a master of Liberal propaganda.She is unreal. I am glad to see other recognize this.