Sunday, January 31, 2010

Polish Anti-Communist Hero Walesa: USA Moving Towards Socialism

Do you feel the ground shaking a little, too?   Do you feel that something is happening... something good, rather than bad?  Something that promises to reverse the hitherto-relentless march of the Free World towards socialism?  Then you're like me.

I remember the name Lech Walesa.  Yes, I was just a kid, but somehow the name got through.  Somehow, a LOT of stuff got through.  As if it was meant to.  I remember having, even then, a natural urge to know what's going on in the world, and a desire to understand the who, what, when, where... and how and why... of what was going on.

Lech Walesa.  Anti-Communist, anti-totalitarian, pro-democracy, pro-freedom Solidarity labor leader in Communist-occupied Poland during the Cold War.

Stood up to the Evil Empire and its puppet regime in Poland.

Helped liberate Poland and the Polish People.

Recipient, Nobel Peace Prize.  (He earned and deserves it).

He's back.  He's in America to help.
Just days before the state’s primary elections, Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Andrzejewski received the endorsement of former Polish President, Solidarity co-founder, and Nobel Laureate Lech Walesa. Speaking through a translator at a gathering of approximately two hundred people at Chicago’s Union League Club on Friday, Walesa compared Poland’s struggle against Soviet Communism to the current economic and political climate in the United States, calling on Illinois to pave the way for values-based leadership in the federal government.

 Stressing values, faith, and transparency in government—all themes of Andrzejewski’s campaign—Walesa called on the United States act on its responsibility as the lone remaining superpower and to once again lead the world morally and politically, as well as economically. The world needs America, he said, to lead the way in organizing the world differently, according to global, cultural values, and then start to build structures out of these shared values. Among the most pressing global issues to be addressed, Walesa said, are “international conflicts, anti-Semitism, and terrorism.”


Walesa highlighted the role of faith in his political successes. He credits Karol Wojtyla’s 1978 election to the papacy as John Paul II and subsequent visit to his native Poland with turning the world’s attention to the country and inspiring Poles to act on their Catholic faith in defiance of Communist bans on religious expression. In turn, he said, this heartened Poles to act in the face of the overwhelming military might of the Soviet Union. Based strictly on numbers of tanks, guns, and soldiers, Walesa joked, “the Soviets should still be in power.” He then called on Americans to “bet on people of values,” using truth and right works to “build a better world.”
Walesa described himself as having the same beliefs as Andrzejewski, particularly in the importance of “spiritual values.” The twenty-first century, Walesa said, is being defined by globalization, particularly in Europe, resulting in a need to build on freedom and free markets. However, according to the former President, these must “be built on honesty.”
If the Polish People can stand up to the Evil Empire and its military juggernaut and willingness to "make people disappear"...

...then, of course, the American People can stand up to, and defeat, the Forces of Political Correctness.  They've already turned their backs, en masse, to the Big Old Media, which is trying to impose this Political Correctness Fascism onto everyone, trying to intimidate, to coerce, via big lies and fear...  The American People are actually winning the battle for their own minds.  Believe me... I see it happening.  It's blatantly obvious, actually!

He's there for the country who helped his country.

He's now there for America.

See also Walesa being there for America, with hosts from Founding Bloggers.

Ronald Reagan might not be here now, but he's definitely here... in spirit.  And his spirit lives on in us... including in Lech Walesa, who was there back then, too.

Feel the power yet?

Feel the ground moving a little, yet?  Ominously... for those who don't want it to?

Well, guess what?  Mark my words... they can't stop what's already happening!

See, America? 



As the Polish say...



Jen said...

Maybe, the spirit of pope
John Paul 11, must have urge Walsea to go to America to help her fight her demons to help her people restore their country to once were.
And most of all to restore GOD or better yet welcome God back into their lives.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Could be, Jen... could be.

Anonymous said...

Just Google this:
Lech Walesa an agent code name Bolek