Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vancouverites Protested Too?


No wonder the Big Old Media didn't make a big deal of the Vancouver "anti-proroguation" protest.

See for yourself why.

Where were the "thousands" of protestors???

What a big disappointment.

Guess the Socialists now need to step up their community-organizing efforts in Vancouver.

Probably should take Chinese-language lessons, too, so they can make the case to a lot more Vancouverites...

Then again, maybe the People of Vancouver just don't think it's a big deal.  Maybe there's not that many Leftists there.  Maybe they all bussed off to Ottawa, not that there were very many folks there, anyway...

Can anyone explain why one of Canada's most populous cities didn't register more than a nearly-undetectable blip on the give-a-crap radar screen?

The poor Socialists.  They've got nary a community-organizing presence in Vancouver.  All those Leftists supposedly living there, and no one bothered to grab 'em and send 'em off somewhere to walk around screaming silly slogans...

And it seems that perhaps one newspaper lied:
Unfortunately there were no protestors at the end of that rainbow. I was very disappointed. I was hoping to see real live protestors frolicking about in their natural environment, but alas all I found were empty streets. As I made my way back across the Lion's Gate on foot, there was a feeling of sadness that I was not able to observe the clowns in action, but also a sense of amusement that I walked up and down the streets of downtown and other than some Canuck fans getting ready for the game, there was no significant gathering of people in sight. I did get a good laugh when I came home and checked The Province newspaper for a report. This is what they had to say about today.

In Vancouver, several thousand protesters urged Harper to get the government back to work.
A large throng marched in Vancouver’s Victory Square with critics saying the Conservatives’ move was anti-democratic and calculated to avoid heated questions during the 2010 Olympics.
One of the Vancouver march organizers, Trevor Fenton, said the move shows Canada is in a “full-blown constitutional crisis.”
"Several thousand"???

Apparently a gross exaggeration.

Checked The Province website for anything on the protest.  Came up with nothing.  Guess it was in the paper only.

Some media outlets, such as this one, indicate that the Vancouver protest at Victory Park was "just over a thousand".

In Vancouver.  A city of how many folks?  Well, a LOT, you'll discover if you look into its current approximate population.  It ain't no small town.

"Full-blown constitutional crisis"???  Trevor Fenton either doesn't know what he's talking about (probably manipulated by others who don't, either), or he's trying to propagate with false alarm.  I dunno which- only he knows for sure.  Trevor, buddy, proroguation is perfectly constitutional.  Look into it if you don't believe me.

Besides, WHY the big stink NOW?  It's not as if the whole proroguation thing was suddenly happening.  It's always happened.  And I don't recall many folks making a stink when the Liberals did it in 2003 to shut down the inconvenient, and getting-too-close-to-the-Liberals, Somalia Inquiry into the murder of Shidane Arone.

Indeed this all stinks.  Like... fishy, y'know.

Sheesh.  Leftists, the lazy-minded and the Big Old Media... they've got ZERO PERSPECTIVE.

Talk about being blinded by the propaganda.  Pity so few can tell the difference between when it's propaganda and when it isn't, when there's a double standard and when there isn't.

Sorry, but I see no bigness, no serious significance, and no evidence that the protestors are Mainstream Canadiana as opposed to Hard-Left extremists and peer-pressured/lazy-minded/clueless activists with nothing else to do.

Not impressed, sorry.

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