Thursday, January 21, 2010

Conservatives Looking More Conservative Now

Evidence they're getting serious, getting back to their true roots:

Budget will launch spending review: Day it should.  And as it will do, unlike the Obamacrats are doing, which is continuing to spend on nothing but hard-left bullcrap as if they were drunken, stoned sailors who believed they'd be torpedoed tomorrow.

CF to have to wait longer to get new vehicles

Now, let the Left take note.  So if they complain that the upcoming cuts are "ideologically-oriented", they'll be on shaky ground, standing on shaky skinny legs.

Hmm... now I'm eyeing Hard-Left stuff like the CBC and the "Human Rights" star chamber, and hope they'll be casualties of the Liberal-NDP-Bloc-forced "stimulus" deficit-spending problem, which the Conservatives never wanted to do in the first place, but which they were forced to do to prevent an undemocratic Hard-Left-Three-Stooges-Let's-Copy-Obama coup from overthrowing the recently-duly-elected government, replacing it with hated-by-Mainstream-Canadiana, Neo-Communist dictators, despots and czars, potentially destroying Canada.

Everything must be up for review for chopping or even killing.  Even stuff the Neo-Communist, Let's-Copy-Obama Hard Left thinks is sarcosanct.

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Of course, politics is partly about timing, circumstance, situation and patience, especially for conservatives like us.

Of course, being prudent, pragmatic realists, we know that we can't have everything we want right away, or all at once.

But as I said, the Conservatives are conservative at the core, and when the opportunity is right to be conservative, they'll be conservative.

The Liberals, however, will take every opportunity to implement policies that are permanently-neo-Communist, such as with the Quebec-government-ass-kissing Shawn Graham Liberals in New Brunswick, who are apparently hellbent on hiking the minimum-wage to $10, from eight-something-an-hour at the moment, in a province that enjoys an incredibly low cost of living (hey, like, my rent, for just ONE example of the lower cost of living here in NB, is about 60% of what it'd be in Ottawa, and even lower compared to the likes of Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver).  The Graham Liberals also plan to hike all sorts of things that are all part of the cost of doing business.  Result?  A de-facto NB small-business-owners' tea party movement which includes furious, incensed (former, to my great shock) Liberals who tore up their membership cards and defected to the Tories.  Of course, the Telegraph Journal and other Liberal-Irving-owned-and-controlled NB papers aren't saying anything much about this growing movement of angry business owners who fear that they'll end up going out of business or moving their business to another province or even out of the country.  Anyway, the grassroots small-business owners' campaign ought to grow and become so that even the Liberal-Irving Big Old Media will be forced to talk about it.

Hmm.  I observe the Tory/Harper polling numbers currently supposedly in a little slump (though I haven't seen any new polls, and people are using days'-old polling numbers in babblingly claiming that the Tories are in worse shape than necessarily, so I take it all with a grain-of-salt perspective).  Well, no surprise, as the Big Old Media has been doing nothing but trying to bash the Tories for simply telling MPs to take an extra month off.  Just one month.  No surprise that, owing to that incessant propaganda, the Peoples' perceptions are affected.  That's the nature of politics... when one can't control the Big Old Media's messaging, then the Big Old Media will control the Peoples' perceptions.  Of course, the proroguation is a political miscalculation, a self-inflected wound, but in no way at all a fatal one.  It's not something that the People in general will really remember, because, when one thinks of it, hey, what difference does one month of acting like poopflinging monkeys in Parliament make to us anyway?  Much ado about nothing, but, yes, a gift to the Tory-hating Big Old Media and to the Iggyites.

I recall the Alberta Tories under Klein, who were always making the MLAs take extra time off.  What difference did that make, anyway?  The Tories there kept winning and winning and winning because Albertans know that Question Period is generally just a waste of time, a grandstanding platform for politicians, who have more important things to do when there's no compelling need to raise ultra-critical questions and demand answers.  In Ottawa, there are no ultra-critical questions for which answers cannot wait, so what's a few weeks matter?

Besides, haven't the Leftist critics noticed that, actually, the governing Conservatives in Ottawa are hard at work?  Well, if they have, then they ought to temper their alarmist remarks about the supposed "end of the Conservatives", supposed "rehabilitation of the Liberals and Ignatieff" and all that silliness.

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