Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold War Back On?

A couple of things came to light today...

Obama to spend more on nuclear weapons than Bush Of course, given Obama's record of delivering on anything at all, one must necessarily take this with a grain of salt. What if the money's diverted to, say, ACORN, SEIU, etc., to help the Democrats' and Obama's re-election war efforts?

Russia tests F-22 rival (though it looks to me like they just added a lot of Fast 'n' Furious-style boy-racer plastic to an existing Sukhoi engine/airframe platform to try to pretend that they're building something similar)

And don't forget about this, either...

Not to mention this...

Of course, it's also possible and plausible to say that the Cold War never really ended.  I'd say it took a pause at the time of the collapse of the Evil Empire, followed by a period of the Free World being really nice to Russia, helping her get back onto her feet, but now that we've got the Putin-Medvedev regime there, well, unfortunately, it's obvious that it's back on.

And this time things are even worse.

China is now a grave, grave, grave threat.

Iran is about to acquire nuclear weapons.  No doubt hellbent on offensive use, unless, of course, benefactors Russia/China twist their arms hard enough to force them to refrain.

And don't forget about the rapid-Islamization threat, plus the imminent threat of homegrown terror attacks.

Today, a Perfect Storm of Evil faces the Free World, as never before in History.

You know it's that serious when even Barack Hussein Obama is forced to make even George W. Bush look, inexplicably, surrealistically, like a wimp when it comes to the nuclear arms race.

Now, Mr. Prime Minister, can we restart our own defence industry?  Resurrect Avro, for starters...  Yep, make the Evil Empire copy our cutting-edge,   world-leading technology again!

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