Wednesday, January 20, 2010

O Still Doesn't Get It

No, Mr. Obama, you're incorrect that the problem is that you weren't "speaking more directly to" the American People.

The problem is that you weren't listening to them.

Not only that, you insulted them and demonized them.

You called them "extremists" and "teabaggers".

You even tried to have the nation's police forces profile them as "potential terrorists, potentially violent" just because they had a point of view that differed from yours!

That's why they kicked your party out of what you delusionally, arrogantly believed was a seat that belonged to the Democratic Party.

But no problem.  Keep it up.  Three more years of you in the White House calling Americans derogatory names and refusing to listen to them... you'll destroy the Democratic Party yet and devastate George Soros, who thought he could buy America, as well as buying the Democratic Party and buying you.

Keep it up.  Your actions are more powerfully destructive for the Democrats and for the Left in general than anything and everything we "right-wing extremist teabaggers" ever did and ever could do.  Really.  It's called "political suicide".  You're making it happen due to "self-inflicted wounds" upon which you actually blame the American People, rather than yourselves.  Please keep on keeping on as you've been...

Oh, isn't that nice?  The finger... again!

Well, Obama, ever heard of the Golden Rule?

No, it doesn't mean that you're entitled to rule and entitled to gold.

Here's a hint...


Enkidu said...

I used to get annoyed at the constant use of the crude homo-erotic term for the tea party activists, (now applied to virtually any critic of Teh Won), but not any more. Every time one of His idiotic supporters says 'teabagger', Barry O! loses another vote.

Keep it up, idiots.

(I'll be honest, I don't understand the significance of misspelling 'the', but I'll play along.)

Canadian Sentinel said...

Actually, come (no pun, honest) to think of it, "teabagging" really isn't that much of a homo thing. After all, when a girl gives a guy a beejay, she gets automatically "teabagged".

And, like, heteros are 98-99% of the population, so...

I've begun calling Leftists "teabaggers", too, continuing my practice of doing unto them as they do unto us. Won't cost me any votes, anyway.

Well, the LOLcats spell it "teh". You a LOLcat fan? Regular visitor of It's run by a leftist, as I noticed by a couple of his other sites, but at least the LOLcats are non-political, and popular with all sorts of folks... Gotta admit I'm a LOLcat addict... in fact, my masthead kitty has appeared as a LOLcat...

Canadian Sentinel said...

Come to think of it, "Teh Won" is actually LOLcat-speak...

Nao... I has a tired. Tiem fur me 2 go 2 sleepz...

Enkidu said...

The basic activity may be non-sexual-orientation specific, but the term is almost exclusively used by the homosexual set.

It's interesting that the crowd that tells us we have to be more accepting of homosexuals uses the term as a pejorative. I think it was Chris Matthews who last night called Scott Brown both homophobic and a teabagger. Somebody is a little confused.

Patrick Ross said...

Hey Sentinel, I gotta interject here, if I may.

I really don't think it's Obama who "tried to have the nation's police forces profile them as 'potential terrorists, potentially violent'".

Rather, it was some rather high-profile members of his party, and some members of his administration, who tried to do so.

We often forget that there's an oft-ignored layer of insularity between the individual occupying the Oval Office and the leadership of his party.

We often seem to forget that it isn't like in Canada where the Prime Minister also leads his party, and can control them.

It's just something to think about. He is responsible for the actions of his administration, but that doesn't mean he can necessarily control them.

(I even think the President has limited powers to fire members of his administration, but I could be mistaken about this.)

Canadian Sentinel said...

Enkidu, perhaps Chris Matthews is a homosexual (high likelihood amongst folks like that, I've noticed over the years, as they freqently share a common set of mentalities and behaviors)... and, as common for that special-interest group, ridiculously sensitive, to the point that anyone who's not a leftist and not a homosexual is neccessarily a "homophobe'. And a "teabagger". Of course, Matthews is mentally-deranged and bigoted... and a teabagger. And an asshole and a piece of crap. And a Dhimmi, a Christianophobe, a Jew-hater, an America-hater... And... you add the rest... He started the namecalling silliness, so let's play along and beat him at his own game, and then get back to getting serious.

Of course, Patrick, you're right. But the Left doesn't know this- they think that Obama is omni-everything, including -potent. So we got to push Obama, blaming him for everything, until he breaks down and admits that he's NOT "all that", after all, and admits that there's others who control most stuff, that he's really NOT in charge, because on the Left, it doesn't work that way. He is, of course, as I've pointed out many times, a puppet, a Manchurian Candidate "President".

Canadian Sentinel said...

Wonder if "Balbulican" is paying attention.

Hey, if so, look, there ain't no "echo chamber" here.

Again it's proven that there's no "echo chamber" thing going on on my comments threads.

And again the proof will be conveniently ignored by "Balbulican", who ignores whatever it's convenient for him to ignore... like reality.