Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Suddenly-Caring Big Media Asks Where Money Comes From

I don't recall them asking where the Chretien-Martin folks, nor the Obamacrats, would get money for stuff.

I don't recall them openly wondering where we'd get five billion bucks for the Kelowna Accord.

I don't recall them demanding to know how the fecking hell in the whole wide world we'd be able to pay for Kyoto, Copenhagen, etc... and how the fecking hell we'd be able to have any economy at all if we basically stopped using energy to power it in the first place!

Now the Big Media, in this instance the Globe and Mail, wants to know how Canada will be able to come up with the money to help Haiti.  Weird.  I'm used to the Big Old Media not giving a crap, to their assuming that, of course, there'll be money for this and that, and that anyone who asked questions must've been a conspiracy theorist or a cranky crackpot or a racist or something like that.

What a big turnaround for the Big Old Media!

Hey, I got an idea!  We can get rid of the C"HR"C Liberal-Fascist Star-Chamber-Kangaroo-Kourt and the CBC, and use the money saved to help the People of Haiti!

Did you know that, mind-bogglingly, Canada actually sends aid money to the incredibly, obscenely wealthy economic superpower of Communist China?  WTF?!  Ok, that's another place to get the money!  The SinoCommies don't need it, can reallocate a bit of their gargantuan-and-exponentially-growing Start-A-World-War Preparatory Military Budget to help the Chinese People, and can also pitch in a lot more to help the Haitian People!  The SinoCommies can also shut down its Holocaust Program, its organ-harvesting program, its mass-execution-of-dissidents program, and really, really do some good for both the Chinese and the Haitian People.  But the SinoCommies will not do anything more than required for optics.

And why the feck are we giving money to the PLO?!  Don't be fooled by the fact that their facemen wear suits, smile, shake anybody's hand, and now, euphemistically, call themselves "Fatah" and the "Palestinian Authority" (and terrorist Abu Mazen also calls himself the less-scary-sounding "Mahmoud Abbas").  They're hateful anti-Jew, anti-Israel Islamic Supremacist terrorists, just as they've always been!  That's it!  Take away the money we send to them to preach their horrific Judenhass, propagate their Big-Lies-'N'-Hate campaign against Israel, their brainwashing of children from birth into becoming "shaheeds" (ie. go to Israel and go kaboom!), etc...  And give it to the People of Haiti, who aren't trying to wipe out another People, nor trying to push another country into the sea...

Who's with me on that solution set?  Speak UP!

Somebody tell the folks at the Globe and Mail that, oh, come the feck right on, it's easy.  Especially if the G&M helps with, rather than propagating against, the communications of the government in selling the reallocations.

Negativity.  Doubting Thomasery.

Why are the Big Old Media always like this towards a non-"progressive" government, no matter how good it is?

The Big Old Media are not helping.


Jen said...

The media wants to know where the money will come from for HAITI. Why the concern it is simply my friend.

The undemocratic national media want their 'dough' for protecting the liberals by lying to the public. These people are not going to settle for 'chuck change'

Canadian Sentinel said...

Chump change, I believe you mean?