Saturday, January 16, 2010

Terrorist's Bid To Become Lawyer Quashed

Well, I'd certainly hope so!

Story here.
Saini failed to prove to the panel he was probably a person of good character who deserves to be called to the bar, the panel ruled in a judgment released Thursday, four months after Saini's good character hearing.
Saini's misconduct included more than simply his terrorist crime when as a 21-year-old, he led a five-man Sikh team that hijacked an Indian Airlines jet with 265 passengers in July 1984, the three-member panel was told.
The panel heard Saini threatened to "start throwing dead bodies out of the plane" during 20 hours of tense negotiations with Pakistani authorities after forcing the Airbus to land in Lahore, Pakistan.
Oh my!  Yep, "good character", indeed!
His lawyer, Frank Addario, argued his client has rehabilitated himself, displaying no violent or radical tendencies for the past decade and has complied with his bail after being released 11 years ago.
Actually, Singh hasn't exactly been a fine, upstanding person in that time.  The report also cites his identity fraud and criminal dishonesty, including to his own lawyer.  Oops- looks like his lawyer today forgot to mention that stuff!

Yeah, right.  And we should assume that Auschwitz guards are "rehabilitated" just because of their "good behavior" since the end of WWII.  Suuuure.  Let 'em become lawyers, too, why the hell not?

I can't believe the unmitigated gall of Singh.  Been a "good boy" for a while, so all is forgotten and he can move on.  Sure.  And so can Nazi war criminals, right?  Suuuure.  Oh, wait... forgot about admitted, and unrepentant, Nazi Holocaust collaborator George Soros, who now, thanks to his multiple billions, effectively controls the Democratic Party and Obama...  But that's another story.

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