Monday, January 25, 2010

'Progressive' Activist Uses Clownish Violence Against Fisheries Minister

Is this "free speech"?  Is this "democracy"?

Or is it just a hateful crime whose underlying message should, morally, be ignored to discourage the commission of message-inspired crimes by ideological extremists?

It's like something the Sturmabteilungen would've done.  

This behavior, we must all agree, has no place in a free and democratic society.

Do we take clowns seriously?

Do we take clownishly-behaving political-ideological activists seriously, either?

 Ever notice that pretty much all political-ideological violence... doesn't come from "right-wingers"?

It comes from a variety of extreme, radical "progressive" political/ideological activists.

Such as the PETA folks.

When they're not going around bareassed and all that crap, they're throwing pies at politicians.

Clowns, they are.  Can't take them seriously if they use violence to "make their point" and "get attention".  (Of course, nudity achieves both; ie. "pointing" and "getting attention", but not everyone looks good naked, so some dumpy-bodied folks turn to behaving like clowns, as we can see).

Compare that behavior to the ways in which regular folks make their points and get attention.

Holding massive, pan-national Tea Parties (or, as in Canada last weekend, Perogie Parties) is better than throwing food at people or walking around showing off your peepees, weewees, teetees, etc....

At least the confused, ill-informed "anti-proroguation" or, alternatively, more sillier, "pro-perogies" folks in Canada this past weekend weren't going around naked throwing fattening food at the Prime Minister.

I say they're ill-informed because they're apparently unaware that proroguation is a perfectly normal political thing that's happened over a hundred times over history, including by Liberals and NDPers in recent years.  Why there was no big national stinkfest over it then, but there is NOW, well, sorry, but none of the folks made any case as to why the double standardStill, I thank them for keeping their clothes on and refraining from chucking pastries at people.

I'd nevertheless rather hang out with ill-informed, confused  folks who at least behave with civility than hang out with food-flinging, birthday-suited clowns.  Hell, I'd rather hang out with confused, ill-informed, dumpy-bodied people in loose-fitting clothes than with celebrity blonde bimbo boob Pamela Anderson totally naked and inanely babbling about the "holocaust against the seals" and stuff like that.  I mean, like, even a birthday-suited hottie like Pammie, thusly behaving, would be a greater shrinkage-inducing agent than a Siberian swimming pool...  After all, for me, there's not much that's a greater turn-off than brainlessness in a woman, no matter how hot-looking she may be.  I'd have to be drunk, of course... quite, rather, ripping drunk, actually.  But then, well, there's not so much of a "point" anymore anyway, so, buh-bye, Pammie.  Take care of those lovely new beach balls, honey!  I think I'll go hang out with Ann Coulter instead.  Ann knows how to stimulate debate and other stuff.  Nice-looking, too.

But enough about me, a single dude who can talk like this without ending up sleeping on the couch.

The Big Old Media shouldn't be giving the clowns a platform for their messages if they're going to be using violence, even merely comedic violence.

The Big Old Media, if it has any ethics and integrity, should, in case of violence of any kind at all, be ignoring the message and should simply report that a deranged lunatic representing Group X attacked someone.  

The Big Old Media can help to discourage, rather than encourage, violence.  But does one really expect such ethical, helpful, civility-and-peacefulness-promoting behavior of the Big Old Media?

In an ideal world the Big Old Media would just ignore whatever the ideologues have to say once they get attention illegally and uncivilly. 

But an "ideal world" is a "progressive" concept, also known as "utopia".  Rational people know that there's no such thing.

Stop giving a big, loud voice to violent ideological extremists!  Treat them as criminals, period, and ignore whatever they try to deliver to the People via the Big Old Media.


Jen said...

The 'big old media' here, are extremists, socialists and supporters of radicalism. They, the big media, are terrorist best friends and as the media goes deeper into a depressed dark world of theirs, they loose everything, respect dignity and loyalty to themselves and country as you see it happening right now. When they are in this position they are used degraded,insulted. The very same things which they have spend 24/7 doing to PM. Stephen Harper.

Anonymous said...

What we are witnessing is a concerted effort by the Liberals to destabilise the current government. The pîe throwing is an assault, pure and simple. It can happen because the CBC, Globe and Mail and Power Corpopration is determined to bring down the Harper government before they lose their grip on the Senate---their weapon of choice to thwart the people. The whole Prorogation caper was designed to allow what can only be described as Mob Rule. Look at Ignatieff and the NDP this morning. `Storming`Parliament to free the people. Give me a break. Every Conservative PM in the last 50 odd years has faced a concerted attack: Diefenbaker, Clark, Mulroney, and now Harper. The owners of Canada simply cannot allow power out of their hands. The collusion of the CBC, and now even the National Post (see Ivison`s current vomit about Colvin`s legal expenses) is blatant and unapologetic. This country is being torn apart to satisfy the egos of Liberals and their corporate Masters. Frankly, the West should separate, and soon. otherwise the Liberal-NDP coalition will become a reality, and parliamentary government will be dead for a generation.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I'd like to see some "progressives" come onto this thread and try to elucidate any disagreement with any of the key points I set forth.

They're quick to condemn me when they can easily disagree, but when they can't easily disagree, they're silent.

It's as if they don't want to agree with me, even on points such as I've made herein.

They, by their absence, demonstrate, in their silence, their extremism... or their agreement, and their fear of being ostracized by their "progressive" peers for openly agreeing with a non-"progressive".

They don't want to rock the "progressive" boat, obviously. Well, if they know that the "progressives" are extremist, intolerant, dogmatic bigots, then they should jump ship and swim over to ours, with a suddenly-open-and-functioning mind.

Jen said...

Anonymous, there will a battle between the west and central canadian.
Ted Morton the 'fire wall' guy will clamp down on Quebec and Ontario. We will most definitely ask for SEPARATION.

Since Quebec has a 'fire wall around its province so can Alberta.
How Quebec is going to keep up 'living like the JONES' will have to come from the hydro. The money from the dirty 'oilsands which Quebec despises yet want to live of it will come to an end. Albertans will demand it. In fact, Ted Morton now is STALMACH finance minister has already started to make waves. Even Danielle Smith has given a warning to Quebec. She also went on to say that provinces that actually need money will receive but the others.

BTW Anon, Don't forget to pray for the prime minister and the safety of our country canada.

Jen said...

CS, remember the slaughtering of whales in Demark? Well, why not bring it back so many can send the photo to PETA. Now, that will be something to see and if they don't do or say anything about it then we will know it has nothing to do with the 'Seals' but helping the opposition SOCIALIST PARTIES to gain power.

So again, photos and the reason why it is done. Thanks

Canadian Sentinel said...

While I'm unconvninced that separation would necessarily make the West a LOT better off (don't forget that the Hard Left is there, too, and would surely also corrupt a Western Republic), I recommend reading "Wylie's War" by Terry Anderson, who kindly sent me a personally-autographed copy, which I'm enjoying. You can order that in the SDA sidebar. It's quite entertaining and reminds one of reality, though it's fiction based in the future.

And PETA, unfortunately, is aware of the whale slaughter. Not sure if they care.