Friday, January 22, 2010

Leftist Tea Party In Canada?

Planned protest?  Really?  Why?  What about?
OTTAWA -- Canada will find out Saturday whether the 200,000-plus people who joined an anti-proroguing group on Facebook are up for doing more than just a quick click of a mouse.

National Day of Action protests are planned for more than four dozen cities in Canada and four internationally. In Winnipeg the rally is set to begin at 1 p.m. at the Spence Street Pedestrian Mall on the University of Winnipeg campus. There will be speeches by local residents upset by the prorogation, followed by a march to the Manitoba legislature grounds where they will sing O Canada.
WTF?!  Foreign countries are holding "protests" against Canada?

Makes one wonder whether it's really a Canadian thing, or just an old international socialist agreement to bash all conservatives wherever and whenever they're found in the world.  They're always looking for "reasons", no matter how small and irrelevant, to make hay of and try to sway public opinion via propagating all over the airwaves however, however frequently, and for however long they can.

Now, here's where the doubts arise:
Christopher Burnett, one of the organizers of the rally, said he is not sure how many people to expect. There were 45 people at the most recent planning meeting, though another 150 people who said on Facebook they might attend didn't show up.

"If there are less than 500 I will be disappointed," said Burnett.

More than 208,000 people have joined the Facebook site since it was set up in late December. More than 1,000 people have signed up for the Facebook site dedicated just to the Winnipeg protest rally.
 Ah... the devil is in the numerical details.  Only 1,000 (out of 208,000 who signed onto the "anti-proroguation/anti-Conservative FaceBook site) bothered to sign onto the site that's dedicated to those who plan to actually put their money where their clicks are- being there in person.  By the way, Mr. Burnett incorrectly said, "less than 500", whereas the correct term is "fewer than".  Smart Lefty teabagger, eh!

Any fool can sign up to any FaceBook site for whatever reason (they were told by others to do so, so being sociable, they did it just for the hell of it and to be liked), but it takes really, really pissed off folks to show up to prove they really care that much... as did the American Tea Party People, who numbered  in the millions, marching nationwide. And who, we remember, were demonized incessantly by the Hard Left and the Big Old Media, once they couldn't be ignored any longer.  The biases of the Big Old Media were exposed, and were self-inflicted wounds, and led to the precipitous, financially-devastating drop in audience numbers, with their audiences moving en masse to the fair and balanced, albeit demonized by the Hard Left and the Big Old Media, FOX News.

The Big Old Canadian Media, after arrogantly (just like the Big Old American Media) ignoring the American Tea Parties, no matter how massive and pan-national they were, are trying to talk up the obscure, Astroturfer-Leftist movement to make a big stink over the simple fact that Members of Parliament will be taking a few extra weeks off from sitting in Paliament for the long Christmas break, during which, of course, the Winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver.  I mean, it's not as if they're going to just go home and take a looooong nap or anything like that- they've got the riding work and stuff, after all.  What's the big deal?  How does it affect you and me?  What difference can it rationally, realistically make?  What's the danger?  Who will it hurt?  Who, and how many, will die?  Etc., etc... get the idea?  It's much ado about nothing, but it's being used to bash the Conservatives, who, in the eyes of the Hard Left and the Big Old Media, can do no right.

Yeah, suuuuure, that's awful... as awful as when the Liberals, NDP and separatist-communist Bloc Quebecois formed a coup-plotting trangle to overthrow the Conservative government just weeks following its election... just because the Conservatives didn't see the need to go deeply into the red to supposedly "stimulate" the Canadian economy (the trillions in "stimulus" being blown by the Obamacrats haven't saved any jobs, let alone created any, and caused America to lose it's "free" status, dropping to "mostly-free" status on the Economic Freedom Index.  Remember what the polls looked like then, compared to a mere tie right now (majority support for the Conservatives!)?  Remember the massive anti-usurp-coup protests against the revolutionarily radical, Obamite-wannabe, Hard Left triangle?  Well, when the Big Old Media tries to make a big stink, and when those fringe-element, hard-left, teabagging "protestors" have, as alleged, their "protest", keep perspective.  Because the bullshit is falling all over the place again, with this ridiculous "bash-the-Tories" campaign being pushed by the Liberal Party and the Big Old Media.

Ah... here's some commentary in, surprisingly, the billionaire, Big-Oil, Irving-family-owned-and-controlled, controversial, lying-about-what-Harper-did-with-a-Communion-wafer, anti-Conservative Telegraph Journal, that points out that the alleged outrage over the very brief "proroguation" of Parliament is a creation of the Big Old Canadian Media.

Those making a big stink in the first place, they're really not Mainstream Canadiana.  They're a radical fringe of Left-Wing Extremists.  They're teabaggers.  They're Astroturf.  They're all racist; it's all about hating a white man in 24 Sussex Drive.  They're the swastika-displaying mob, and they're potentially violent.  They're all sent, all put up to it, by the Liberal Party, the NDP and the Separatist-Communist Bloc Quebecois, plus the Big Old Media.  Hmm... do these accusations sound familiar?

But I suspect that in this situation, the Canadian situation, some of it may well be true, as opposed to the legitimate, grassroots, non-ideological, non-partisan, millions-strong American Tea Party movement which continues to grow and act to this day.  And which is obviously very powerful now, actually helping a Republican unexpectedly take a safe seat away from the Democrats!

A Canadian "Tea Party" movement?  Um, no... I literally don't see this happening.

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Jen said...

Very good article by Charles w. Moore.

CS, The good for nothing fly by night stuck in the 90s National OLD MEDIA, must really hate themselves that they are good in making a completely asses of themselves.

The reason I use 'good' is because the OLD MEDIA are good are what they do and that to them is not a good thing since they linger in the 'dark.'

They also don't like 'good' things happening to Canada both here and abroad- they would prefere to remain with their corrupt LPOC in a universe of their own.
In my opinion, the 'old media' are a 'vicious' lot- deeming everything that is good. their loyalty, respect for our country and our troops and citizens are nowhere in sight must be at the bottom of the barrel. whereas, they hold on a pedestal, a corrupt liberal party that stole from the public, refuse to return the millions of dollars and are supporters of terrorist groups.

The 'old media' will pay 'dearly' for what they have done.