Saturday, January 23, 2010

SCANDAL! Climategate USA About To Hit: Expert

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This sounds just like what the guys at the UEA were up to (deliberately fudging it all up to suit their agenda, not to determine what's really going on)...

(Emphasis mine)

Gray told Newsmax.TV’s Kathleen Walter about a new report out of San Diego calling into question the accuracy of “the data that they’re basing global warming on — that this is the second or third warmest month or year of the last 100 years and that sort of thing. [Investigators have] been digging more and more into the data bases and they’ve been finding that there are inconsistencies there.”

Manmade global warming proponents in the government “are handling the data in ways to obtain data that shows the globe is warming more than it really is.

“They drop certain data out of their averaging, and the data they’ve dropped out tends to make the globe cooler. You’ll probably be reading a lot about this in the next few weeks or so.”

Gray called the new findings “Climategate U.S.A.”

The "science is sound".  Suuuuure it is.  Riiiiight. Obviously.  Can't deny it.  After all, it's what we're being told by those who desperately want to believe that man is destroying the planet and all that crap and want to transform the world in ways that look for all the world like a Trojan Horse to impose, via fear, international neo-communism and global governance.  Such radically extreme neo-communist reformists will stop at nothing, including the real truth, to get what they want.  We've already seen them deny the real truth that the most important global-warming "scientists" have been exposed, via their own written words, as dishonest, extreme-agenda-driven frauds!

Let's look at the evidence, rather than letting the Alarmists and Liars tell us what's supposedly what, when they're obviously lying to us big time!

Oh, and by the way, I'd say that the "smoking gun" debunking the whole propaganda campaign of "anthropogenic global warming" and claimed "resultant catastrophic, extinction-causing climate change" has already been produced via the hacked e-mails of the UEA "scientists", proving that they've been lying all along, and that the much-vaunted computer models are deliberately written so as to give the results the liars want.

Which scientists are you going to believe, the arrogant ones who just tell you what's supposed to be what and try to scare you shitless (like the ultra-elitist, arrogant, question-intolerant, nasty old hard-leftwing extremist "scientist" David Suzuki, who infamously wants to throw skeptical politicians in jail)... or the ones who talk directly to us, and honestly, willingly answer our questions, about the actual evidence?  I think the answer is obvious.  Only delusional lunatics will believe the arrogant, believe-me-you-imbecile-'cause-I'm-a-scientist-and-you-aren't "scientists".  Realistic, rational, logical, evidence-oriented people will listen instead to those scientists who stick to real, scrupulous science, respecting the evidence without trying to "fudge" it up to serve an extreme agenda.

Given the evidence I've seen, I absolutely will NOT believe the lies!  I'll be spewing all the carbon dioxide I damn well want to, exercising my human rights and liberties, to hell with the neo-communist revolutionaries and greedy, unscrupulous, money-mad political extremists.

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Anonymous said...

The very best way to understand the emails is by reading Dr. John Costella's analysis of them. He takes the pertinent ones and fills in the acronyms, nicknames, references, and such, to keep the reader "up to speed" by making them easy to follow. Each one is linked to the actual email being discussed so that the reader may easily check the context and accuracy.

An excellent work. Anyone who has access to a congress person should make sure they are apprised of the analysis.

Google: climategate costella

Brer Fox