Monday, January 18, 2010

Conservatives Beat Elections Canada In Court

"In-and-out" case.

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See?  No wrongdoing by the Conservatives.

Commissioner of Elections Canada was wrong, wrong, wrong!
Hot off the Federal Court newswire comes word of a pretty darned decisive-sounding win for the Conservatives in their long-running dispute over the in-and-out election financing scheme:
A decision was issued this morning by the Honourable Luc Martineau of the Federal Court in file T-838-07:
IN THE MATTER OF L.G. Callaghan and the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada
Following the hearing held in November 2009, the Court has set aside the Chief Electoral Officer's decision to refuse to certify the advertising expenses claimed by the two applicants in relation to their campaigns' share of a Regional Media Buy (RMB) program organized by the Conservative Party of Canada during the 39th general election, which took place on January 23, 2006. The Court has determined that the claimed advertising expenses were incurred by the applicants and has ordered the Chief Electoral Officer to provide the Receiver General of Canada with a new certificate.

A copy of the decision can be obtained via the Web site of the Federal Court:


Jen said...

Not a word of this was heard in the corrupt old media.

Anonymous said...

Tonight on the National, the Reform-Conservative party's decision to prorogue parliament has been met by a growing chorus of dissent...and later, more reveleations on the Mulroney Schreiber scandal, this after the weekly showing of an inconvenient truth

And this court decision...cue the crickets quietly chirping in the background

Chris in the Bridge

Canadian Sentinel said...

Of course, good news about the Conservatives will not be trumpted by the Big Old Media. Why would they help those it's their job to destroy?

"Reform-Conservative". The Left keeps on getting it wrong. Perhaps we should call the Liberals the "Liberal Communist GLBT Jihadis"...