Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obamacrat Ft Hood Report: Total Whitewash!

No mention of Islamism.  No mention of the Islamic terrorist's name, Hassan, even!

Why even bother?

I have one word for the performance of the Obamacrat Reich on this:  FAIL!

If it had been a lone, mentally-impaired Christian acting alone, blowing away a bunch of abortionists, then the Obamacrat Reich wouldn't just name the Christian, mentioning his religion over and over and over again, but they'd also blame all of Christianity itself, and probably even God and Jesus, too.  Probably start a Holocaust to exterminate all Christians.

If it had been a lone, mentally-impaired Republican acting alone, blowing away a bunch of gay Muslim communists, you know the Obamacrats would be extremely specific and blame all Republicans for what happened.  Hell, they'd probably re-activate their old terrorist arm, the KKK, to go forth and wipe out the Republicans!

Obamacrats:  Bunch of Dhimmis who will never, ever speak the truth about their accepted superiors (the Muslims).

Thanks to the Obamacrats, it's going to be happening a LOT more from now on.  Just watch!

From now on, all murders via Islamic terrorism can be blamed on Barack Hussein Obama for allowing it to happen.  And on the entire Democratic Party.  Yes, they'll HAVE to be held personally responsible for not doing anything to stop it from happening.  Mark my words, they're not really doing anything, because they simply don't care!

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