Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ObaDebt To Greatly Exceed ObaGDP: Bipartisan Expert Group

Not good.  Not good at all.  Very, very bad to have it happen.  Read 'er all, of course.
A blue-ribbon panel that includes three former heads of the Congressional Budget Office is telling President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress that the federal deficit must be cut now or the national debt within about two generations will be 600 percent of the gross domestic product.

"The debt level of the United States is unsustainable, something has to give," said Rudolph Penner, former head of the CBO and co-chairman of a report issued last week by the National Research Council and the National Academy of Public Administration.

The report concludes federal deficit spending is so out of control that unless  Obama and Democrat leaders on the Hill make changes now, debt in 2080 will be six times what the nation produces.

Oh, shee-it... Debt-To-GDP ratio will be 6:1 within the century, if America continues on the Obamacrat path!
The fundamental problem is that we have these three very large programs – Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security – that … are growing faster than tax revenues and faster than the economy," Penner told WND.
But, of course, the Obamacrats don't care.  Because "social welfare now" is their goal, not ensuring the future ability of America to provide it!

Stupid Obamacrats!  Typical neo-Communists!

And, guess what?

They've got a HOCKEY STICK GRAPH to show us!

A gosh-darned HOCKEY STICK GRAPH!  Ahhh!  We must do as we're told to save America!

Anyone who believes in the bizarre, end-times predictions of the likes of Al Gore and the IPCC and their discredited hockey stick graph, well, if they dismiss this hockey stick, then they'll have to dismiss the other guys' hockey stick!

Yes, America... your nation is facing catastrophic financial change!

If you don't take draconian measures to drop the deficit by 90% immediately, well, then America will cease to exist and all that!  Stuff will melt, stuff will rise, everything'll go extinct and all that...

Guess you'll have to go without all those big, fat social and entitlement programs Obama's setting up.

The "stimulus" must be terminated effective immediately!

Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.  It's your moral duty!  Any politicians caught ignoring the financial-change science, which is sound (Shut up; it's sound!  Yes it is!  Debate over!  No questions, you denier!), ought to be thrown in jail (ht for that sentiment: David Suzuki).

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