Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bloomberg's War On... Salt?

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Remember when former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani was on Seinfeld declaring war on fraudulently-nonfat frozen yogurt?

Well, this is like that.  Current NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to be doing something which one would only expect to see on Seinfeld.

A war on salt.  Hey, like, whatever happened to the terrorists?!  Like, Obama's bringing them to NYC!  Hell, he's bringing the 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, to NYC to treat him as if a citizen with... the rights of Americans, one of whom which he clearly isn't!  That's outrageous, and one would expect the Mayor to train his political crosshairs upon the evil clowns responsible for that astonishing decision!  Besides, that evil clown Bozobama also flew Air Force One low over NYC, terrifying more than a few New Yorkers who really don't need that... and now look what Bozobama's going to do to them!

And what does Mayor Bloomberg do?  Declares war on... salt!

Oh sheesh.  Fofecksake!  All hell's breaking loose in the Big Apple again, and Mayor Bloomberg nevertheless goes on a Seinfeldian crusade... against salt.

Bloody rich folks... eh!  The rich ones tend to be crazy.  Oh, well, at least Bloomberg's just a little that way... thankfully he's not totally-evil-crazy like the rich guy/ex-Nazi-collaborator/chief Obama benefactor & puppetmaster George Soros!


Anonymous said...


The Bloomberg administration is pursuing a sweeping sodium reduction campaign that makes NYC residents test subjects and pressures food companies to drastically change their products regardless of the desires of consumers. Worse yet, this bureaucratic agenda is not based on sound science, but on political science and alarmism.

Sign the petition today and save NYC's incredible and diverse cuisine and protect your right to make your own food choices.

My food. My choice.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I like that slogan:

My food. My choice.

Guess "right to choose", to some folks, doesn't really apply beyond you-know-what. Tch, tch...