Monday, January 11, 2010

I Wonder Why...

...FOX News makes more money than all of its rivals... combined.
Can it be that Fox has the best newsgathering organization on the air?  Can it be that the Fox foxes are the best-looking women on television? 

Can it be that the Fox lineup of Beck, O’Reilly and Hannity (the guys who really make the Left twitch at the very thought of their existence) puts strong opinions on the air, pungently expressed, in a way that the other nets do not? Can it be that given a choice to be trapped in a room with Greta van Susteren or Chris Matthews, the question answers itself?  (At least you could have a conversation with Greta.)

Or is it simply that a sizable portion of the American viewing audience has had it with the bien-pensant, group-think herd mentality of the Manhattan-Beltway cocktail party set, and is voting with its remote controls, hoping to find a place where its intelligence is not insulted and its core beliefs are respected?
I'd say all of the above.

Pity the Big Old Media have a Hard-Left political-ideological-social-economic revolutionary agenda.  If it weren't for that hellbentness on their part, they might be able to, like FOX News does, give the People what they want, as opposed to giving them what the Men Behind the Curtain want them to get.

Anyway, one thing I'd bring up with Prime Minister Harper, if I ever get to have a meeting with him, is what can he do to help make it possible for Canada to have a round-the-clock news network like FOX News?  Surely he knows what to do...  I'm sure he'd love having a FOX News Canada or something like that, to provide an alternative to the CBC and CTV 24-hour "news" channels.  It'd really annoy the Liberals, that's for gosh-darn sure!

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Jen said...

Listening to Glenn Beck last week was enlightening. He does not go on television and say things that are not true in fact, he has the videos, statements made by the person himself. When says that OBAMA did or said 'this or that' Glenn has the video of OBAMA saying or doing just that.
Glenn always backs up his story with either a video or statements.

CBC CTV GLOBAL etc do not any media like FOX here to be aware off naturally they can run your life by telling you what THEY want to hear see and know and who you have to vote for.

Can you envision Glenn Beck reporting on the liberal party of canada,here in canada.

So the only thing left to do too forward whatever findings you found and send it to adler, Rutherford, Lowell Green Roy Green and otheres like them AND GLENN BECK. with a note to each of them. "the canadian national media refuses to do the job."