Friday, January 29, 2010

A Day In The Life Of Mainstream Venezuela, Chavez-Ruled

These two scenes are frightening in and of themselves.  Note the claw-thingy on the chain being brandished by the stormtrooper at left.  But these pix are two rather tame ones.  For the blood and gore drawn by the, for want of a better word, Schutzstaffel of Hugo Chavez, who hates America out of apparent insane jealousy, go here.

"We are not going to allow continued shutdowns of media outlets that tell the truth, and we are not going to allow ineptitude and inefficiency to continue," said Nizar El Sakih, a student leader.

Critics of the government say Chavez is responsible for domestic problems ranging from double-digit inflation to violent crime to rolling power blackouts.

The government says RCTV was removed for refusing to comply with a new rule requiring media outlets to televise mandatory programming, including Chavez's speeches.
"The state and the government must impose authority." -Hugo Chavez
No wonder Hugo Chavez gets along so well with the Iranian regime, which treats the Iranian people very, very badly, too, in the name of the imposition of socialism onto people against their will.

Hugo Chavez is a greedy, selfish, brutal socialist dictator.  He says he cares about people.  But he clearly doesn't.

He shuts up anyone who disagrees, anyone who renders any criticism.

Clearly, Hugo Chavez has destroyed human rights in Venezuela and ought to be boycotted completely by the Free World.  He must be treated as an outlaw, a pariah.

But guess what?  Leftists/socialists/neo-communists/"progressives"/"social democrats"... they will NOT say anything critical of this monster!  And much of the Big Old Media won't either, remaining as neutral as they did for... Hitler.  And as they do for... Communist China.

Obama being chummy with Chavez, as Honduran dictator-wannabe Zelaya looks on approvingly.
Obama's been naive and foolish.  As expected and predicted.
If his character content is good, then he'll turn his back on Hugo Chavez.
Surely Obama must believe that human rights, democracy, freedom... they're all more important than socialism?

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