Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Iggy: Man Of Derision, Not Substance

Joker Michael Ignatieff.

Gets his material from Peter Donolo, former Chretien Reich Minister of Propaganda (Don OLO shared the position with the ultra-evil Warren Kinsella).

Michael Ignatieff is obviously taking his talking points from Don OLO.

I swear, Iggy sounds like a Chretien-era attack dog. Like, this style of "communication" is sooo Nineties/Naughts, much like Don OLO, and we can immediately see through it (though the Hard Left fringe won't).

So Iggy's saying, as Don OLO told him to say, that Harper's a "puppeteer"?

Heh.  Somebody ought to ask him if he realizes that George Soros is Obama's puppeteer.  Put him on the spot and see him stammer, get mad and storm away.  Don OLO can't prepare him for everything, because, being a Leftist himself, Don OLO, Iggy's Man Behind the Curtain, can't see it coming.

Thus spake Don OLO's Puppet:
“It’s always the same team,” Mr. Ignatieff said as he met with reporters on the first day of his two-day winter caucus retreat. “The puppets are always there, and they just change the little puppets, but the great leader is still there.

“It’s a government unusually dominated by one figure, the Prime Minister. … The key point is that this is a government run by one man, who cancelled Parliament, who prorogued Parliament. It bears the stamp of his political character.”

Hey, Iggy, really, aren't you actually talking about the Liberal Party?

Practice projection much?  Call the Kettle black much?  Hypocritical much?

Whilst we're opining for the fun of it (both Iggy and I), hey, why don't I say that Iggy's a big stinkybutt poophead?  Why the hell not?  He's calling the Prime Minister silly names and making unbacked-by-evidence, wild claims about him.

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