Saturday, January 30, 2010

Obama's 'New' Strategy: Keep Lying, Misrepresenting Self

 Um, I'm afraid it's too late.  They built it all fatally-flawed,  and now, well...
Nothing to do but keep on blazin' all the way to late '10 and late '12...
That there thing ain't going anywhere ever again.

Nothing new coming from Obama.  Except he's simply dropped the discredited-by-himself-as-wholly-meaningless "hope" and "change" from his babblery.

Come to think of it, it's almost Groundhog Day, and I'm reminded of the Bill Murray movie of the same name.  Here we go again.  Haven't we been here before?

One of the most paralyzingly hilarious, lauhgable things he's ever said, ie. one of the very biggest lies of all that he's ever told us, he said the other day:

"I am not an ideologue"

Riiiiight, Obama.  I'm sure you're not a crook, either.  Nor a socialist.  Nor a Muslim or atheist.  

Nor were you born in Kenya Hawaii... ok, why not just prove it for once and for all, shut everyone up, and simply, simply, ever-fecking-simply(!!!) let us see your REAL birth certificate, which you've, upon your imposing, powerful orders as current occupier of the White House, got Hawaii guarding, most likely, in the most secure vault in the state, and which no one can credibly confirm to have seen, precisely because you forbade Hawaii from showing it to anyone?  And once again, I'll have to mention, because most people are apparently unaware, that the (declared-fake-by-an-expert-who-also-dismissed-every-other-document-offered-by-"birthers" as fake) COLB your folks uttered online and which they claimed, fraudulently, was your "birth certificate" (some of us aren't stupid enough to be fooled by the Flat Earth Folks):  The "Certification of Live Birth" was, at the time of alleged issue of the one you uttered, actually issued for babies born anywhere in the world, to be merely "registered" in Hawaii for administrative/statistical/whatever purposes, as having occured, wherever on earth it occured.

But I digress, necessarily, of course, to remind you that we haven't "moved on" as you desperately want us to, from that critically important Constitutional crisis issue.

What we've got here is a lying, crooked ideological extremist suddenly pretending that he's someone who is "bipartisan" and all that, telling his opponents to "get onside, work with me".

Well, why should they, when they already tried, and failed, because Obama and the Democrats chose to behave like dictators anyway, as well as demonizing those who were trying to work honestly with them in the spirit of "bipartisanship"?

The "progressives" do this all the time.  They'll say, "let's take the high road", "let's cooperate and be civil and respectful and not smear and demonize one another", etc.  Then they'll do the opposite of what they asked others to do.  Then the others, seeing that being nice to those fecking assholes is useless, they returned fire, with the inconvenient truth being told in a very aggressive way, plus there was also grassroots-organized, Angry-And-Frustrated-Mainstream-American protests against the Obamacrat Regime's fascist, bigoted, intolerant, closed and darkly opaque, dictatorial, arrogant behavior, runaway spending and national-socialist policies and actions, etc.

The Obamacrats were very, very bad towards anyone who attempted to elucidate a different point of view.  They even used the DHS, to smear and target for profiling and persecution, Mainstream Americans as "terrorists" and "potentially violent" "because they disagree with us".

Now, under fire, and desperate as Adolf in the bunker, the Obamacrats are imploring those they love to hatemonger against to: 

"Join with us in bipartisanship, so we can get jobs, etc.".

Translation into honest words: 

"Agree with us and go our way or we'll do what we did before!".
Besides, when Republicans are in power, do the Democrats work together with them and call off their dogs (ACORN, SEIU, CAIR, Code Pink, naked zombies, etc...)?  Oh, no... the Democrats engage in de-facto civil war just because they're not the ones in power!

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