Monday, January 25, 2010

200,000 Pro-Life Americans Demonstrate In DC

200,000.  Like, isn't that an impressive turnout?  That's more folks than turned out all over the entire world to protest against the Canadian government's allowing MPs to take just one extra month off for Christmas, to prepare (and they should, rather than hypocritically, practicing an unprecedented double standard on the issue, complain about it) before getting down to serious business again.

Better not say anything bad about the Pro-Life folks.  They deserve equally as much respect as the abortionists do.  And no less!

After all, hey, it's their turn.  Gotta stand up for their right to have their turn, too, and don't demonize them just for having a different view... ok?  Let's have some civility and respect for folks who disagree with Political Correctness, and not call them "hateful" and not accuse them of "wanting to take away womens' rights" and other such nonsense.  Otherwise, well, any assholes caught being assholes will soon enough end up being force-fed a taste of their own medicine when it's their turn to express themselves in demonstrations.  Once again, I warn!

I'd hope that the same folks who turned out to protest against proroguation in Canada on the weekend would accord these folks the same respect and civility that they feel that they themselves deserve.

If, as the Left said, Saturday's anti-proroguation protest was "democracy in action", then so is any protest/demonstration by Pro-Life folks.  Of course.
At the NRTLC press conference, legislative director Douglas Johnson said any bill that creates federal subsidies for abortion "will have great difficulty passing the House of Representatives under any circumstances. This is an unpopular bill."

Another problem was the Senate bill did not include conscience protections for either individuals or hospitals that oppose abortions, he said. This lack energized Republicans like Rep. Todd Tiahrt of Kansas, who tells reporters that the 40 percent of the hospitals in his state that are Catholic would have to close without that provision.

"There's been a huge turn in the country," said Rep. Christopher H. Smith, New Jersey Republican. "Huge majorities are in our favor, especially on funding of abortion. A lot of members of Congress have realized that the numbers have shifted."

But, he added, "I remain deeply concerned the abortion president in the White House is still deeply committed to promoting abortion. He'll be empowering the abortion industry to do a full-court press on this."

56 Percent of Americans Say Abortion is ‘Morally Wrong,’ Poll Finds
Unborn Babies, Mothers ‘Wounded’ from Abortion Deserve Compassion Too, Republicans Say

 Funny thing, though... I'm not finding any coverage of this in the Big Old Media.  Anyone see anything?  If it was a couple hundred gays, lesbians, trannies, etc., walking down the street instead, you can bet they'd get a lot more coverage.  So would pro-abortion folks.

More evidence of Big Old Media bias.  They really do decide what most people will get to hear about and what they won't.  No wonder most people have given up on the Big Old Media and have moved on to outlets who tell it all, and fairly.

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