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The Persecution Of Geert Wilders: In Session

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Let me say the following.

Because Geert Wilders is being persecuted, then those who render nasty opinions with respect to Christianity, Judaism, Scientology, Falun Dafa, etc., whether they're lies or real truth, must also be persecuted, because, well, if they aren't, then it's clear that it's ok to slam those religions, but not Islam.  And that's what the Islamic Supremacists want.

If Geert Wilders is wrongfully (there can be no other way to describe it) convicted, then, in fairness and equality, this should be declared by the Judge as a strong warning to the Muslims, the Homosexuals/Transsexuals, the "Progressives", etc... to refrain from saying anything negative, whether lies or real truth, about JudeoChristianity, Scientology, Falun Dafa, etc., etc.

For example, then we'll have to persecute homosexuals like Rosie O'Donnel and Elton John for uttering hateful opinions against Christianity.  Do you want to see this any more than you want to see Mr. Wilders persecuted for telling the inconvenient truth about a huge and rapidly expanding bunch of murderous supremacists?   Me either.  But if they convict Mr. Wilders, then any and every time a Leftist, gay or otherwise, or a Muslim, supremacist or otherwise, expresses a negative opinion towards JudeoChristianity... I'll be back to call for their persecution, their being thrown in jail!  Free speech?  It's dead if Mr. Wilders is convicted... and civil war, a national revolutionary war, such as we saw in America when the Republicans fought the Democrats to free the slaves... might potentially be the only way to remove the corrput, mean-spirited, selfish state apparatchiks who took it away!

To persecute Geert Wilders for simply telling people the 100% proven, absolutely undeniable truth that there's a certain group of incredibly horrible extremists hellbent on killing everyone who is different... is to cave in to Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the evil Saudi oil sheiks, etc...  And caving in to these people is no less horrible and immoral and dangerous than it was to cave in to Hitler's Nazis!

If Geert Wilders is convicted, then a LOT more "Kufrs" (like him, you and me) will be murdered by Muslims in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the Free World, because Muslims will get away with it, thanks to the Dhimmi judges who persecuted Mr. Wilders just because he told the truth about a bunch of hateful, supremacist monsters who plan and plot to kill you and me for being different!

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Britain has surrendered to bullying

Lord Ahmed, Muslim member of the ruling British Labor Party threatened to mobilise 100,000 Muslims to attack Parliament unless an invitation for Geert Wilders to speak was cancelled. The British government grovelled and banned Wilders, but didn't take any action against Ahmed for what was undoubtedly an act of treason.
Cowards!  Churchill must be mortally embarrassed with you pussies who now stink up the once-great Empire.  He didn't fight the Nazis so that you could give Britain away to the supremacist Muslims, who, by the way, actually served in Hitler's military, wearing fezes and sword-and-swastika insignias, as well as the infamous skull-and-bones insignia of the Schutzstaffel, to signify their distinctiveness.

Hey!  If that Ahmed guy can get away with threatening to have Islamists attack Parliament, then how about a Christian threaten to mobilize 100,000 Crusaders to attack Parliament if Parliament doesn't crack down on those Islamic Supremacists and force them to shut up or be tried for "hate speeh"?  It's not like treason is any longer seen as a big deal, after all...
Request the Dharmapalas to protect Geert Wilders
Given this pan-European panic to appease jihadism, Geert Wilders is an exceptionally brave and truthful man who is defending everyone's freedom of speech and religion. He is being threatened with death from murderous fanatics aided and abetted by a cynical EUrofascist superstate that has been intimidated and corrupted by the petro-dollars of the OIC.

Since Wilders is ultimately protecting the rights of Europeans to practice the dharma (or any other religion) , could all Buddhists please request your various Dharmapalas to protect him, using the four actions to save him from harm and thwart the intentions of his enemies.

Threefold return
Pagans and Wiccans may wish to invoke a protection circle round Geert Wilders, so that any harmful intentions are reflected back at his adversaries with threefold intensity. Pagans and Wiccans are, like Buddhists, regarded as Harbis by the jihadists. A Harbi has no rights, not even the right to live.
Unfortunately, according to Political Correctness suicidality, too many folks remain uninformed, deluded, brainwashed, into believing that Islam is a "religion of peace" (there's no bigger lie than that!)... 

Message to those Muslims who plan to deny us "Kufrs" our rights (and our lives):


We've fought for our lives and for our freedom against you hateful supremacists before, and are prepared to do so again.  And again.  And again.

In fact, we already are again, as we speak.  You "asked for" it, so we came over there...

Mark my words, Islamic Supremacists:  You will fail.  You will again be defeated.

Best to forget about Jihad.  It's better that way.  It never works out for you.

It's a big lie, after all.

Leave us alone and we'll leave you alone.  THAT is "peace".  

Our capitulation isn't what is meant by "peace".  Only the cowardly fringes within the Free World are capitulating.  We The People have the power and will to throw them out of their jobs and take over democratically, purging the Enemy Within who's doing the capitulation.

Again, and I'll say it in English for those of you who don't understand Arabic:

I/We will not submit.

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