Thursday, January 21, 2010

Loony Obamite Leftists Threaten Chachi's Life

You remember him, of course, if you used to watch "Happy Days".
Now some crazy Hard-Left Obamites want to kill him.
Why on earth?!

Story here.
Former “Happy Days” star Scott Baio claims he has been barraged with death threats and accused of being a racist after posting an unflattering photo of Michelle Obama on Twitter along with the caption “WOW He wakes up to this every morning.”
The controversy began after Baio had been Tweeting support for Massachusetts Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown Wednesday.  He then decided to post the photo of Obama, before insisting it was all intended to be good fun.

Granted, the picture is really, really bad.  But, hey, the Left does it to us all the time.  You've seen how they've portrayed Bush, Palin, Coulter, Limbaugh, Beck, etc., etc..., so fair's fair and funny's funny.  C'mon... laugh, you tightasses!

Predictably, the automatic accsations of racism spewed forth from the Far Left, so Scott reminded the loonies:
“I'm NOT racist for posting a pic of M.O. My WIFE'S BEST FRD IS BLACK, HELLO,” he Tweeted. “If YOU are born in AMERICA, U ARE AN AMERICAN. I don't insist on being called Italian-American. Therefore Black Amer are not Afr-Amer. Or that would mean people (white or black) born in Africa would be called African-Africans ... Just a thought to think about… If I'm racist, don't think I would have Directed shows like The Parkers & The Wayans Bros. or worked 41 eps w/ Victoria Rowell on D.Murder.”

And I remember the Wayans Brothers.  Loved that show... made me laugh uncontrollably!  Whatever happened to real funny shows that really made us laugh real hard, making us spew all over the place whatever we happened to be drinking?  How come now we've got nothing but political-correctness propaganda shows masquerading as "comedies"?  Clearly, there's nothing funny about those.  Bring back the rude, crude, politically-incorrect sitcoms that make everybody (except ultra-hard leftists) laugh!

Oh, speaking of making fun of Leftists and getting big laughs doing so, well, guess what?  I've just come across this totally hilarious piece, and, yes, it's extremely politically-incorrect, but funny as hell... the mad dictator reminds me of so many of the Obamites, like Pelosi, Reid...  Oh, wait!  You know the guy who controls the Democratic Party and who made sure Obama would be elected, spending millions and millions out of his own pocket, begetting, ACORN and all those hard-left thug groups?  Yep.  It reminds me of admitted, and unrepentant to this day, former Nazi collaborator, the Ultra-Hard-Leftwing billionaire George Soros...  Anyway, watch it, and make sure you're not drinking any liquids or eating anything, otherwise you'll mess up your computer...  It's that funny...

Apparently the Hard Left believes we conservatives deserve death when we make fun of Leftists.  Ironically, the very same Hard Leftists say far worse about Sarah Palin, and even effigized her in a porno movie!  Such hypocrisy!  Maybe we ought to make a porno movie about Mrs. Obama just to even the score!  What'll we call it, keeping in mind the really, really bad picture of Mrs. Obama with her teeth showing?  Ah!  I got it:  The Devil in Mrs. Obama. Uh-oh... now I'm really, really in trouble, aren't I?  Obviously, the "Devil" would logically have to be, well, you-know-who...  C'mon... it's funny!  If the Left said that about the Bushes or the Palins, the Left would be laughing its ass off, after all... in between teabaggings, of course.

Hoo-boy.  Leftists.  Beware.  Some are dangerous and potentially violent. Napolitano ought to issue a national warning about loony leftists, telling the cops all over America to watch out for anyone who seems leftist.  Hey, whatever happened to all the nuthouses?  Why'd they close 'em down?

And now we know that yet another Hollywood figure has come out of the conservative closet.  It's quite dangerous to come out of the closet, you see, as there's a lot of hateful-extremist bigots who wish you'd stay in it, and some of 'em, well, they've been reported to the FBI.

Pass it on:  It's ok to be right!  Go forth and organize right pride parades to show off to the world who we are and the fact that we're happy exactly as we are, and that we just want tolerance and equality.  Is that too much to ask?  I mean, we've got horrible extremists out there threatening to kill Scott Baio just because he's conservative...


enkidu said...

One of the posters at Scott's site had the same thought I did, she looks like the salt sucking vampire from the original Star Trek series.

Still, we shouldn't make fun of the Klingon with the manly biceps.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I don't recall that "salt-sucking vampire". Guess I missed that episode in the reruns on cable, though I watched pretty much all of the subsequent series' episodes.