Saturday, January 23, 2010

Does The Left Know Horrible Truth About Che?

Story here.  

Another excellent documentary from Glenn Beck, whom the Left loves to hate for telling the inconvenient truth which the Left either doesn't want to know, or doesn't want The People to know.

For that, Che Guevara, so adored and worshipped by the Left, would have blown Beck's and the other peoples' brains out.  He did it a LOT... did you, Leftist, know that?  Or is it just another one of those FOX News "lies"?

Che Guevara was a hateful, murderous monster.  NOT a "good man" at all... not by any stretch of the imagination.

To drive the point home really, really hard, indicating the company in which he truly belongs:

All of those pictured monsters... either are burning in Hell, or soon will be.  They're worse than rats, snakes, bugs, viruses, bacteria...

Listen, butchering human beings, just because one wants to... is wrong.  Don't Leftists understand that?

Stupid, ignorant, lazy-minded, feckheaded "progressives":  Do your fecking homework and quit thinking that just because a lot of ignorant, stupid, cool-and-popular-seeming assholes go around wearing Che Guevara's satanic mug, that he's necessarily someone you should think must be good, just because they're wearing him on t-shirts and stuff.  What if a lot of folks wore Osama bin Laden and Adolf Hitler t-shirts?  Would you "reason" that since a lot of folks apparently think they're good guys, then they must necessarily be good guys?  How about if lots of folks, including lots of black folks, wore David Duke t-shirts?  Would you then think that David Duke was a great guy, too?

Don't be stupid.  Get a fecking clue!  Che was an evil, murderous monster who blew peoples' heads off just because they had a different point of view, a different opinion!

Yes- Che Guevara was a monster.  Like Osama bin Laden, and like, albeit on a somewhat smaller scale, Hitler.  Oh, and don't forget about Stalin, Mao, Ahmadinejad...  Guess you Leftists are so fecking evil yourselves that you think they're all great guys and stuff.  If so, then I'd say you cannot be permitted to be in government or work in the state apparatus of the Free World, because you are an intellectual threat to humanity, what with your adoration of the biggest evil, murderous, hateful monsters of all time!

Therefore, I blog so much against those dangerously brainless Leftists.  They are a grave danger to humanity, to freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights!

And a Leftist troll once asked me why I said that Che Guevara was an asshole.  His ignorance was appalling!

And it's equally astonishing that Leftists prefer to demonize those who fight against the monsters pictured above!  They call those that fight monsters... monsters.  Do Leftists know that they've been psychoaffected by evil?  Do they know that they have a mental disorder?


Jen said...

What you should do is highlight next or below of each photo their comments; for example
" says that negroes are...."

"......" and so on.

Thanks to Glenn, for his extensive job on this documentary. He is so passionate about his country and the people that it compels him to do what should have been done and said repeatively by the National MEDIA and the professors.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Beck's so popular because he speaks directly to us in the way we want to be spoken to, and does so honestly and without arrogant, I'm-important-and-you-have-to-believe-me pretense.

The Hard Left accuses Beck and FOX of "lying", but the funny thing about that is that Beck and FOX actually refer to real evidence, and don't try to pretend that their opinions are the evidence.

And Beck talks about improtant stuff the People really want to hear, though I must point out that he's lacking adequate information on Obama's eligibility situation to be telling it quite as it is, but again, that's just his opinion, as it is Coulter's and O'Reilly's. I wish they'd look into that deeper by following WND's coverage, like I do.