Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why 'Marriage' Is Just the Beginning, NOT An 'Equality' Thing

"Gay" marriage isn't the end of some activists' campaign.  It's only the beginning.

If the extremists get their way.

History teaches us... that chances are, they will.

Envision this happening soon in the ladies' shower at the local gym:
"Pay no attention to my erection, my balls, my adams apple, my big muscles and hairy back, girls.  I'm actually a girl myself, just because I say so.  

The "human rights" groups say so, too, and you know they're right, because you know that everything they say is true, because they're always right.  So you MUST shower with me, girls, and you're forbidden to feel uncomfortable, forbidden to say or do anything that would hurt my feelings or make me uncomfortable.  And if you try to complain to any state apparatus body that's supposed to be there for your benefit, they'll charge and automatically convict you with a "hate crime".
And don't say anything whilst I wash my genitals for a ridiculously long time either, or I'll file a human rights complaint against you for making me feel unsafe and unequal!  Besides, the "white stuff" you'll see will be soap lather..."
Imagine that.

Perverted guys have finally figured out a way to get into the girls' locker room and shower, and to be naked with them, and to be protected by the power of the state from any retaliation for their perversion and its imposition onto the girls.  Clever perverts, eh!

The state apparatus is meeting behind closed doors with "gay" activists to develop "guidelines" that will impose, backed with the threat of a hauling before a "human rights" star-chamber kangaroo court, exactly that sort of thing onto schoolgirls, ensuring that perverted boys can intrude into their girls-only spaces without fear of consequences.

Behind closed doors.  No input from the girls, nor from the parents, who will be concerned.

They're literally conspiring to radically transform society just like that.  Just like that.

Unless, of course... The People fight back against those perverts, extremists and Hard-Left fascists.

First they said they just wanted "tolerance" and acceptance.

They ridiculed those who warned that it'd lead, via a slippery activism slope of extremist revolutionary warfare, to "gay marriage".

Well, we now see the warfare happening in court.  Their side rested the other day, and now it's the side of common sense's turn to make the case that the People have a democratic right to decide how their society will work and under what circumstances everyone's allowed to do what (ie. everyone's allowed to marry the opposite sex, but not the same sex, because that's the very definition of marriage, and always has been, everywhere on earth, since the very dawn of civilization).

Whilst that's happening, believe it or not, they plan to abolish, in little steps such as the one concerned here, the practice of segregated-by-sex public facilities such as bathrooms, changerooms and showers.

They're trying to change society.  They hope they'll get their way.  They'll never stop trying.  NEVER.

"Perceived gender".  That's the latest new term in the whole "human rights" industrial complex.

Of course, a "better, friendlier world" for perverts and sexual extremists... is the goal here.

Not "equality", nor "human rights", nor "fairness".

Just "utopia" for perverts and sex addicts.

Let common sense, logic and reason be the guide to examining and analyzing social stuff like this.  Not Hard-Left propaganda.


Kez Creates said...

While some might guffaw at this and say it's just a conspiracy theory or you are out of your mind, I would suggest to those people that they attend a gay bar sometime.

The shower scene reminds me of when I went to a gay bar in Calgary about 10 years ago. It was a great laugh, I had fun, and didn't get my butt grabbed like I would at most any other bar lol. It was a refreshing change.... however.... the bathrooms were open season. I was confused to enter the ladies' washroom and find a man standing there. I thought I walked into the wrong one! But no, it said Ladies on the door. He nodded and walked out - which is when I saw that 2 of the 3 toilet seat lids in the stalls were UP! omg that is just wrong lol! Put the darn lid down buddy/hunny/sista/bro!

But my point is, there could have easily been a straight guy in there, ogling the women between the cracks in the stall doors, or watching them readjust their braziers in the mirror - and how would us girls know? It was just a bar but it's the only bar I've been in in my life where men were happily going in to piddle and hang their tackle out in front of anyone around, not bothering to shut the stall doors. What if at least one of them was actually Straight and getting his pervy kick out of girls seeing his thingy? It didn't even actually occur to me until I read your post. Ick. Now I feel gross!

But perhaps this could happen! It's hard to say but if it happens in other places, what's to stop it from happening eventually at the gym, the pool, etc? Something to think about for sure...

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, we did our share of silly things when we were younger, like going to bars and believing that getting drunk, sitting around and laughing inanely with other inane drunks is somehow "fun" (transitory bliss, I've come to realize, isn't really "fun" at all, as one feels like crap once the "fun" is over).

Well, of course, THOSE guys aren't gonna grab yer butt. (If it was a lesbian bar, watch out- some lesbians think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, like grabbing other ladies' cabooses without permission, so watch out).

Hey, y'know, I know exactly how you feel. I don't like to walk into a loo and see some guy there, either. I always worry about what exactly is his "business" being in there in the first place- legitimate number 1/2... or illegitimate and asking for a black eye? Not that I gave that one guy a black eye- I'm not a violent person unless attacked by some crazy asshole- I simply froze, got serious, said "I'm straight" and got the hell out of there. What a nutcase- going into public pooperies, getting friendly with other guys and offering the unspeakable, right there and then. You'd think he was some crazy RINO from Washington! Could've been- he was wearing a business suit, perhaps to make other guys not worry too much, to think that he actually had some kind of legitimate "business" to conduct in the room.

I also don't like having to be amidst other guys in the locker room or shower. Like, surely, some of 'em are only there to "get their jollies"... I suspect it's the ones who walk around as if the place is a freakin' nudist colony, and who try to start casual conversations with other guys whilst rudely dangling all over the place, sometimes, maddeningly, putting a foot up on the bench where you're sitting, so that the objectionable, ugly things are intolerably close... I swear, sometimes I wish I'd brought a set of those big hedge scissor/clipper thingies (like WWF character Brutus the Barber always had with him) , all shiny and sharp, ready to chop stuff, and make sure everyone can see it, just to make 'em too afraid to dare to dangle in my face like that.

I believe that it's time to ban communal showers and ban acting as if locker rooms are nudist colonies.

I've gone to a local gym that has individual shower stalls that not only have a curtain on 'em, but that also have locking doors to keep others away therefrom. I'm all for legislation to require such individual shower stalls.

Besides, why not just tell guys who think they're girls, well, sorry, but it doesn't work that way. If you're a guy, then look like one when in public, and use the guys' loo. And mind your own business and they'll mind theirs.

Of course, there's the possibility also of a guy in a burka going into the ladies' locker room, though if he were to pitch a tent, well, that'd give him away!

Kez Creates said...

Ack! You've given me way too much to think about. I am never using a public bathroom or locker room EVER AGAIN!

Actually in my younger years, I had a trauma where an older girl trapped me in the bathroom and said she would not let me out unless I let her.... well I can't say it and I honestly do not remember if I did let her do something, or if someone came in and scared her off. I don't remember anything past her standing there hovering over me in the stall.... ever since then, I have really really hated public restrooms anyway. And I HATED open showers and especially my gym teacher who would check our thighs to see if we really had showered when we came out of there (I was about 15). And yeah actually she is a lesbian, and I see her all the time and want to go up and lip her off for all the times she smacked our butts in class or even occasionally in the locker room.

By the way, I should point out that I attended that gay bar with my gay brother. Just in case anyone accuses me of being 'intolerant' by my words. My brother does not believe that marriage has to be made legal for gay and lesbian couples. He actually thinks it will cause them more headaches than perks because watch out when the govt comes after it's new cash cow with more couples to purge instead of having to deal with so many 'single' tax filings.

He thinks it should be more of a private matter like ensuring that a gay partner can receive death benefits, insurances, etc with no restrictions based on sexuality. But he thinks legalized gay marriage is going to be more of a problem for many couples than they ever imagined. He and his long time partner have no current wishes to get married. They are living in sin.

Oh and so am I, with my common law partner who we now owe $4000 to the govt in overpayments I received during the delay in processing our common law status application. See, my brother was right, it's just a huge pain in the arse to be asking for this legal mumbo jumbo lol.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I'd give the ex-gym teacher a good "talking to". The criminal-pervert bitch deserves that, at the very least, and some prison time, obviously. As does the evil sex-offending bitch in the bathroom. I'd file a report about the criminal pervert gym teacher and about the dangerous offender in the loo, personally.

In the future, if anyone bothers you like that bathroom bitch, then it's better to get into a physically-damaging fight with them than to submit. In such cases, violence is the only option, as, after all, the police won't be there... the courts won't be there... and the Hard-Left propagandists won't be there. Got to defend oneself. Timidity isn't an option. They deserve a broken nose, lost teeth, etc., unless they get the hell out of your way before you can do that much damage. It's up to them, and no one engaged in self-defence shall be punished for doing so.

We've been brainwashed into assuming that homosexuals are ALWAYS just normal folks who don't go around bullying people sexually. But that brainwashing needs to be shattered by people speaking up and telling of their real-world encounters with selfish, sometimes violent, pervert-bullies.

I believe that homosexuals shouldn't be permitted into the same-sex kids' locker rooms, any more than opposite-sex gym teachers should be permitted to enter the kids' shower excpet in emergencies such as lifesaving. Perhaps there ought to be a well-vetted, scrupulous assistant there to ensure that all hell doesn't break loose. Or perhaps gym class should be ended in schools altogether. More traumatizing in too many ways for too many kids than it's worth.

It's not "discrimination", if our society bans male gym teachers from entering the girls' locker room/shower (as long as... ditto fem teachers in the boys' rooms), and Leftists who would say it is in the case of homosexuals, well, they're simply wrong, and brainwashed themselves.

No special, protective status for homosexuals over heterosexuals. Must assume that any one of 'em can be seeking to "get jollies". We don't want any improper behavior from the educational authorities, so we must have laws and rules to impose proper conduct onto all. Liberalization is trying to create sexual and psychological chaos and degrade Western society, and this must be stopped.

When I move in with a future girlfriend, perhaps it'd be much easier to just tell the gov't we're "roommates". Like, how would they know otherwise? Break in while we're away and bug the bedroom(s) with nannycams?