Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Desperate Coakley Dems Assault Cameraman

What the independent cameraman saw
-First-person-participant POV

Bunch of intolerant teamsters violating the Freedom of the Press and assaulting the pressman.  Note all the union signs and ballcaps.  Like, hey, are all Coakley Democrat supporters socialists, unionists, teamsters, Bolshevists, Brownshirters... 2010-era?

What were they afraid of?  A single guy with a cellphone camera?

What were they hiding?  Perhaps the fact that they're all one big homogeneous group of revolutionary, selfish neo-Communists?
And check out the guy with the beard, the grey hoodie, the sunglasses and the cap.  Damn, is he the reincarnation of Vlad Lenin?!

What another camera operator saw (second person participant/observer POV):

Please, please, please, folks!  Can we have some TOLERANCE AND RESPECT???
Guess not.  The "Progressive" "Democrats" don't appear to be tolerant, nor respectful.

Links to videos here.
January 18th, 2010, Springfield, MA—A cameraman working on a ballot integrity initiative with Americans for Limited Government Foundation was wrapped up in a large Martha Coakley campaign sign by her supporters as he tried to video the campaign rally.

From the Politics of "Hope" (whatever they ever meant by that, I guess it'll always remain one of the biggest mysteries in American History)...

...to the Politics of Desperation, Despair and Dastardliness.

Obviously the Obamacrats are taking their lead from the Nazi Brownshirts, from the Leninist Bolsheviks, the Maoists, etc, etc...

Today, they call them, for example, "ACORN", "SEIU", etc...

I seriously doubt that George Soros is grinning and cackling right now.  He's gotta be sweating bullets and plotting some kind of legal-warfare strategy for the aftermath, should his candidate lose...

Expect numerous recounts and a court case and just plain cheating and corrupt judicial machinations to be brought forth by the Sorosians to attempt to steal the election after it's over.  Like, AGAIN.



Jen said...

I thought these people will be so proud to broadcast the signs yet for some reason or another they are afraid, I guess they know who and what MARTHA CROAXLEY really is and what she stands for.

Jen said...

CS, did you see Glenn Beck yesterday? well, let me tell ya, he was excellent.

glasnost said...

It looks like you've been spammed!

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, the SinoSpammer has been, well, made to disappear from herein.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Didn't see Beck, Jen. I don't get FOX News, unfortunately (too bloody expensive- a hundred bucks a month for the most premium package, which is what one must get to get FOX.)