Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Happened Following 12/25/09 Bomber's Apprehension

Story here.

Ah... just learned something I didn't know before, and that  -and Leftist Useful Idiots take particular note, as I'm sure it'll drive you crazier than usual-  I'm pleased to learn.
While the Miranda warning — based on a 1966 Supreme Court ruling — is a bedrock principle of the U.S. justice system and a staple of television cop shows, there is a major exception which could apply in Abdulmutallab's case.

Investigators are allowed to question a suspect without providing a Miranda warning if they are trying to end a threat to public safety.

In a future trial in a federal court, prosecutors would likely justify Abdulmutallab's questioning without a Miranda warning by arguing that the FBI agents needed to know quickly if there were other planes with other bombs headed for the United States. The 9/11 attacks and other past plots have shown Al Qaeda's penchant for synchronized attacks in multiple locations.

Why should indubitably-immediately-life-threatening enemies, particularly non-citizens, who are attempting to kill a lot of people, be granted any Miranda Rights at all?  I'm sure the domestic-enemy ACLU will have some choice talking points in response to this question, but, of course, I've learned to dismiss the likes of the ACLU immediately and pay them zero attention, for I've seen the bejewweled nipple on their imaginary soul, not to mention their pierced, tortured genitalia, which they're so happy to display publicly.

Note that before the bomber was advised of his Miranda "rights" (Why should we give our enemies any rights at all, when we know full well that they won't give us any whatsoever?  Just to prove we're better than they are?  Gimme a break, idiot!), he sang like a canary.  After advisory of the Miranda, he clammed up.

Think about that.

What if there was a massive, widespread, concerted jihad plot to murder thousands that Christmas Day?

Then, if the guy had known that he can button his beak, he would've, and thousands of people would've died, and I'm sure the mentally-disordered likes of, to point the finger at but a tiny, tiny few, the ACLU (which was actually founded by a Communist who declared that "Communism is the goal"), the administrators of, the Obamacrats, the Big Old Media, the Liberal Party of Canada, the NDP of Canada, the Bloc Quebecois of Canada, The Raging Grannies, CodePink, MoveOn, ACORN, the CAIR (which actually doesn't legally exist, they now admit in court)... all those deranged, amoral Left-Wing Extremist Useful Idiots/Unwitting Domestic Enemies, would be proud of themselves "because they're better than the other guys, because they're nice to people who will always only hate them, discriminate against them and attempt to murder them".  In a nutshell (no pun intended), Leftism/"Progressivism" is an ideology based on gross illogic, total irrationality... and lazy-minded/brain-dormant insanity.

You see, the Left would rather have innumerable innocent human beings murdered (both born and unborn) than "compromise its sacred principles".  This is why the Left is a danger and a threat and must be demonized and shoved as hard and quickly as possible to the Far Radical Fringes, as we've shown we can do with white supremacists/neo-Nazis, for example.  People with such dangerous, avoidable-and-unnecessary-death-promoting ideologies must be treated as the dangerous lunatic ideologues they really are.

Why?  It's about saving innocent lives, stupid!  Call me whatever the feck you want, Leftist fool, but it won't faze me, because I, and the Mainstream of Humanity, know instinctively and immediately, that I'm right!  And, mark my words... it's ok to be right, and being right is a human right!  How dare the hatefully dangerous, mentally-deranged, amoral "Progressives" tell us we're forbidden via Political Correctness to be right, that we've got no right to be right?  Ah!  Time to treat them as we've treated the Skinheads, the neo-Nazis, the KKK (who are actually terrorist operatives of the US Democratic Party), the white supremacists...  Those who say we've got no right to be right are destroying the Free World by promoting Big Lies that allow such destruction to take place over time.

Remember, the Enemy will NOT grant us any civil/human rights.  We know this.  So they can't credibly demand we give them any, notwithstanding whether we will, depending on circumstance.

Perhaps we should limit the rights of our enemies so as to send a message.

Why not?  The Left doesn't allow rights, especially the right to life, to be granted to innocent human beings... just because they happen to be inside their mommy's tummy at the moment and are therefore fair game, according to the Big Lie of "A Woman's Right to Choose", to be butchered (ie. torn apart bit by bit, perhaps have their lungs burned with a salty solution first) alive, which, many have yet to learn, is literally what happens to these innocent babies.  So who the feck is the Left to tell us that we must give all rights to our mortal enemies?  To hell with those dangerous useful idiots- they can go fornicate, as bizarrely and unsafely as they damn please, amongst themselves, so long as they just... go away and stay out of public-administration life!

Leftists are bad and dangerous because they think that the "right" to "remain silent" is more sarcosanct than the right to life.  Oh, wait- Leftists hold that there's NO right to life (except for our mortal enemies, that is, as Leftists are opposed to the death penalty for people who murder innocents like you and me)!

Being right helps save innocent lives.  Being "progressive" helps destroy them.

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