Saturday, January 30, 2010

Commie China Regime Mad Over US-Taiwan Arms Sales 
 Top Chinese Communist Party officials.
Don't be fooled by the suits, the ties and the prim-and-proper expressions.
These people are worse morally than snakes, which don't need to have morals.
They oppress.  They tyrannize.  They steal peoples' bodyparts to sell for profit.
They're Satanic Evil Personified.
And, make no mistake, they have force-backed imperialist urges.

Oh?  So Communist-Oppressed China's mad that the US sold some defensive weapons to the sovereign nation of Taiwan?

6.4 billion dollars worth of defensive capability for Taiwan... what's wrong with that?  Isn't every sovereign nation supposed to be entitled to self-defensive capability, as China obviously asserts Iran is?

China's retaliation?  Pathetically meaningless.  One would expect better from a bunch of butcherous, greedy, selfish thugs in suits and military uniforms.  They're like the most powerful mob on earth, pretty much.  A sophisticated mob, mind y'all, at least as portrayed in the Big Old Media, but a mob nevertheless, ie. like, they'll brass-knuckle your face and much worse, if they don't like you for whatever invalid reason (and their reasons are almost always invalid!).
Beijing said it would suspend military exchanges with the US, impose sanctions on companies selling arms, and review co-operation on major issues.
Ah, so what?  Fine.  We'll do the business with Taiwan instead.  And, by the way, you guys better not so much as fart near Taiwan, or else we'll be all over and foot-upside your asses, got that, you filthy, stinking Communist Party bigwigs?

The way to deal with these bullies is to stand up to them and take no crap off of them, and not kiss their bums whenever they petulantly blubber, "You hurt my feelings...".

They need someone superior and with bigger fists to tell them off.  They're not going to try to take on the United States, certainly not all by themselves.
Taiwan's president welcomed the sale, saying it would make his country "more confident and secure".

Beijing has hundreds of missiles pointed at the island and has threatened to use force to bring it under its control if Taiwan moved towards formal independence.

Taiwan and China have been ruled by separate governments since the end of a civil war in 1949. 
The International Socialists ought to be pissed at China for desiring to occupy and enslave Taiwan by force.  Their refusal to give a diddly-diddle in this case is nothing short of a double-standard philosophy with respect to the Israel situation with respect to the lands she rightfully, legally owns but which the reprehensibly, mean-spirirtedly unfair, Judeophobic, Useful-Idiot Israel-haters deny she does.

If the Left can delusionally believe that there's actually a sovereign nation called "Palestine", and that there ever actually has been one, then surely the Left can wholeheartedly accept and embrace Taiwan's perfectly-legitimate nationhood.  After all, if the Chinese Communists could be allowed to take over Mainland China by force and occupy her by the rule of torture and murder, then surely Chinese libertarians/democrats can take over the Island nation of Taiwan.

The Communists have absolutely NO legitimate claim to Taiwan, for they're themselves wholly illegitimate, regardless of being treated as if they were.  PASS IT ON!

The Communists keep demanding "respect".  Well, how about respecting the Falun Gong People, as opposed to waging a macabre, evilly inhuman holocaust against them to try to wipe them out, something that can't and won't happen?  How about respecting the Chinese People in general, too?  How can the Communists demand "respect" when they themselves are NOT respectable, when they don't respect others unless they're bigger and stronger than or at least as big and strong as the Communists?

It's like Charles Manson demanding "respect".  It's like Hitler demanding "respect".  How do you "respect" a proud manifestation of Satanic Evil?  Woe be upon fools who do.

Who do the Communists think they are, Rodney Dangerfield?  At least Mr. Dangerfield deserves respect.

Like, screw the Chinese Communist Occupiers of China.

C'mon... let's start a massive, incessant, punishing anti-Chinese Communist imperialism campaign.  Let's do everything we can to demonize the Communists.  It's ok to demonize demons, after all...

And, fofecksake, bring back those millions of Free World jobs we foolishly allowed to be transferred to Communist China.  They're our jobs, after all, and we want, and deserve them back.  Keeping those jobs in China just keeps the Communists in China.  The money, y'know... money is the source of their power, so we must take the money away.

Oh, and for "progressives" who still think I'm being "unfair" and "bigoted" and "racist" in criticizing Communist China, well, I'd point out to them that the Communists treat gay folks badly... gay folks(!!!)... OMG... homophobic "hatred", the ultimate evil of all... NOW maybe the "progressives" will suddenly hate the Communists for being the horrible monsters they are... like, how dare those horrible monsters shut down the "Mr. Gay China" pageant "for not adhering to proper procedures"?  And how dare those awful Commie bastards have socialized psychiatric programs to cure homosexuality, available to (probably also imposed upon, but, hey, that's ok, right, because, after all, Communists always "mean well", right?) anyone who wants to use them?   Oh, how hateful, eh?!  Time to march ultra-oogly-naked, with bizarrely-inflated scrota and bra-eschewing, ultra-saggy-like-sand-filled-socks mammaries on display, perhaps to offend, perhaps to get attention, perhaps because their flaunters are just flashers who found an opportunity to show off their bits and pieces, carrying signs (which were provided to them by "community organizers" from ACORN et al, who told them that they have to scream hatred against so-and-so, just to prove that they're "open-minded", "sophisticated", "urbane" and "enlightened" and so on and so forth) equating Hu Jintao to Hitler, etc., etc...

Stand Up To Communist China!
Free the Chinese People!

If only "Progressive" icon-idol Che Guevara (who was, in fact, a murderously intolerant, bigoted, selfish monster just like the SinoCommie bastards) had said that stuff, then maybe "Progressives" would want to crush Communist China, as they want to crush the Free World, which they've been brainwashed into believing is evil, whereas the likes of Commie China are good.  We can't count on "Progressives", for they've been afflicted with and blinded by the same evil that befell those in the Chinese Communist Party.

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Jen said...

Why doesn't the 'HUMAN RIGHTS', Mallick, even the opposition parties the canadian media talk against the 'communist china' or for that matter, go to CHINA and lambase the chinese communist party for their mistreatment on 'gays'.
I guess CS, if Mallick or Layton or CBC reporter went to China to protest-most likely they will never return because they will be in prison over there.